Interview: 2Dawn Games on its upcoming shooter ‘Ravaged’ and life as an indie studio

Earth is dying. Devastated by a pole shift, the planet’s oceans have evaporated and its cities turned to rubble. In their struggle for survival, mankind is split between two warring factions: scavengers, barbarian robbers bent on claiming the world’s remaining resources, and the Resistance, freedom fighters working to restore civilization. are. Humanity is passing through … Read more

Black Friday 2021 Tech Deal Predictions

The holiday season is right around the corner and so is Black Friday, when the Christmas shopping season officially begins. But in fact, if you’ve been following recent deals, you may have noticed that many major retailers will start their Black Friday sales earlier than the date. For example, Amazon will be offering deals starting … Read more

Interview with DuckDuckGo Founder Gabriel Weinberg

Many people have tried to challenge Google’s dominance in the search market over the years, ranging from small startups to big-name players. But with the exception of perhaps Microsoft, which has invested billions in its search efforts, all have failed to gain any significant traction. However, a relative newcomer to the search market, DuckDuckGo isn’t … Read more

Apple Tax Part II iMac vs. Windows All-in-Ones

When Apple updated its notebook lineup earlier this month we were curious to find out how well the new MacBook Air stacks up next to a couple of Ultrabook options. Turning on the so-called “Apple Tax” wasn’t as much of an issue as Apple critics often claim. In fact, Apple is relatively in line with … Read more