Did Elon Musk talk to Putin before presenting the peace proposal? claims the US news outlet

[ad_1] Features: Ian Bremer, chairman of Eurasia Group, claims that Elon Musk has spoken with Putin Elon Musk informed Bremer about the possible risk of a nuclear attack Musk said no one should trust Bremer Washington, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who tweeted a peace proposal regarding the Ukraine-Russia war, has been accused of a grand … Read more

In America, a person turned from white to black, doctors were also surprised, then this reason came to the fore

[ad_1] Washington. Shocking news was received from the US state of Louisiana. A man who was taking anti-depressant medication had a side effect of his medication on his body color. In fact, he was taking anti-depressant pills for his mental health. After a few days, his body color started to turn gray and blue. In … Read more

Will robots give up on a runner like Usain Bolt? Running 100 meters in 24 seconds record; watch the video

[ad_1] Washington. Who doesn’t know Usain Bolt of Jamaica? Bolt, who won 8 gold medals at the Olympic Games, ruled the world of athletics for 16 years. He owns the world record of running 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. Well, records are written to be broken. I don’t know who will collect the coin on … Read more

Born with two ‘faces’ doctors say it’s hard to be alive, encouraged as he celebrates his 18th birthday

[ad_1] The mother added: “When he was brought into my room, he was connected to a box with all the monitors, the only thing I could touch was his leg. He was cute and stunning at the same time, his face looked like our eldest son on one side and our middle son on the … Read more

An elderly man trapped in a car in the floods saved their lives by gambling on their lives. the heart will win video

[ad_1] If a human being does not work for man, then he does not deserve to be called a man. Humanity is not in winning the world, but in winning another’s heart. Recently, some people won the hearts of people like social media when they saved the life of an old man (Old man’s life … Read more

Move out of China and India, this American actor became a father of 10 after being trolled on social media

[ad_1] Washington. If the world talks about population, then people talk about China and India. It is obvious that most people live in these two countries. They say that the people of Asia give birth to the most children. But sir, this famous American actor, comedian and host will change your mindset. The name is … Read more

Cars at sea… Boats on the road… 240KM/HR how destruction happens after a hurricane

[ad_1] Charleston, South Carolina, received at least 7.32 inches of rain in the 24 hours between Thursday and Friday afternoon, according to preliminary data from the National Weather Service. The St. Coast Preserve along the state’s coast in McClellanville received the highest rainfall at 9.8 inches during the period, according to the weather service. [ad_2] … Read more

Indian festivals are on the rise in America, now this great leader has come to join Durga Puja

[ad_1] Features: The mayor said Durga is a celebration of the victory of good over evil Durga Puja is celebrated in different countries of the world including America New York, Durga Puja (Durga Puja) is celebrated with great pomp in all countries of the world including India. Along with Indians living in America, politicians of … Read more

A person was returning from a birthday party, Google Map drove the car over a broken bridge; died

[ad_1] Viral news. Today Google Map has become everyone’s need. People use brutally to go anywhere in the city. Neither the need to ask anyone, nor the hassle of finding a way out. Google Maps works with GPS, i.e. Global Positioning System. The routes are shown with the help of satellite. But sometimes we are … Read more

Angered by violence against anti-hijab protesters, America is now preparing to impose this severe punishment on Iran

[ad_1] Features: America issued a stern warning to those responsible for violence against protesters in Iran The US is holding Iranian officials and morality police accountable for the violence As a result of violent clashes between Iranian forces, the number of victims has reached 41 Washington, US President Joe Biden has expressed serious concern about … Read more