How to Smartphone Buying Guide: Q4 2021

As we enter the final months of the year, smartphone makers are bringing in the big guns. While most of the attention will undoubtedly be focused on Apple’s new iPhone 4S, Android fans have been spoiled for choice this holiday season. Anticipation is building with Android 4.0 (code-named Ice Cream Sandwich), which is expected to … Read more

The Rise and Fall of AMD

AMD has long been the subject of a polarizing debate among technology enthusiasts. The chapters in its history provide ample ammunition for countless discussions and rancor is no small measure. Given that it was once considered the equivalent of Intel, many wonder why AMD is failing today. However, it is probably appropriate to ask how … Read more

Black Friday 2021 Tech Deal Predictions

The holiday season is right around the corner and so is Black Friday, when the Christmas shopping season officially begins. But in fact, if you’ve been following recent deals, you may have noticed that many major retailers will start their Black Friday sales earlier than the date. For example, Amazon will be offering deals starting … Read more