HDD Pricewatch Three Months Into the Thai Floods

The hard disk drive supply chain was hit hard late last year when a series of floods hit Thailand. The Asian country accounts for about a quarter of the world’s hard drive production, but thousands of factories had to shut shop for weeks because the facilities were under water, which is considered the world’s fourth … Read more

Best Gadgets and Tech Products of 2012

From the perspective of people covering tech-related events, it’s always a polarizing time of year. The last weeks of December are usually devoid of product announcements, yet only two weeks later, we’re bombarded with new gadgets at CES. Before we move on to the latest and greatest devices of 2013, we think it’s worth revisiting … Read more

The Best Gaming GIFs of 2021

It’s been a year for the Games. We have our highs and we have our lows, but more importantly, we have turned all those highs and lows into animated GIFs for the rest of the internet to see. With that in mind, let’s take a look at which were the best. We’ll start with some … Read more

The Year in Tech: 2012 Top Tech Stories

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to take a look at the most interesting and relevant tech stories of 2012. Several trends consolidated during 2012: Apple’s dominance in this area, mobile growth, rapid release in the smartphone world, Windows 8 launch, just to name a few. This year we’ve divided stories into … Read more

Is There a Touchable Windows 8 Laptop for You

If you’ve played around with Windows 8 a bit, you know it’s one of those things that needs to be touched. A mouse is fine, a trackpad comes along, but don’t call it that—the subway begs to be touched. Live Tiles and the long Start screen are designed for just that, and nothing really satisfies. … Read more