Steve Jobs: The Tech Icon, The Visionary

As tech enthusiasts we pay tribute to one of the most iconic leaders in the history of our industry. Steve Jobs was a technological visionary who transcended the possibilities of his time. Here’s a brief timeline of his career inside and outside Apple. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, we’ve bumped up … Read more

Get Facebook’s New Timeline Right Now

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg yesterday announced a complete re-concept of profile pages on the popular social network with the introduction of Timeline. As Zuckerberg says, the timeline is the story of your life. The single column wall of the post with the most recent update telling the ’15 minute story’ is gone. Instead, as the … Read more

Adobe’s Flash Updater: Bloated, Confusing & Shady

Editorial Being one of the most prolific sources of security vulnerabilities in Windows and other platforms, Adobe Flash Player needs no introduction. Despite that reputation, and the fact that the rest of the industry is moving away from Flash, Microsoft surprised many of us with Windows 8 for the first time by bundling software with … Read more

How to Access Region-Locked Online Content From Anywhere

Online services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, Steam and many more have changed the way millions of people access media. They have brought in an era of instant, on-demand digital media consumption in a world where linear programming, bundled content and physical formats no longer fit into many people’s lives. Unfortunately this is a revolution … Read more