Cloud Storage: 5 Alternatives, What’s in It for You

It’s Cloud Storage Week, Dropbox rolled out an update to improve how its users can share things, Microsoft’s SkyDrive is getting a dedicated desktop app and a new feature set, and Google Drive Finally making its long awaited debut. The market suddenly became a lot more competitive, probably before we all realized it was necessary. … Read more

Enable Concurrent Desktop Sessions in Windows

Professional and Ultimate editions of Windows come with built in Remote Desktop (RDP) feature that lets you remotely access your machine from home or office. Unfortunately, this is limited to one concurrent user per session by default, which means that if someone connects to the computer remotely, whoever was logged in at this time is … Read more

Hot PC Games for the 2011 Holidays

Twenty-one is fast approaching and game makers are preparing to capitalize on the holiday season by winning some of the best titles of the year. Although some of our highly anticipated games have hit some level (Brink, Crysis 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Homefront, to name a few), there is still hope for the tailgunners of … Read more

Biggest Tech Failures of The Last 10+ Years

There are two surefire ways to immortalize your name in history: succeed in your stride toward greatness or, as many tech firms did in 2011, try out the faceplant. Fresh in our memory are failed products like Blackberry PlayBook and HP’s TouchPad, PlayStation Network getting hacked, Microsoft’s Kin smartphones being taken out of circulation after … Read more

Best iPad Games 12 Picks for 2021

Stop watching movies on your iPad. Stop browsing the web. Your iPad can play some great games. iPad games that shine, use up the extra screen space and sharp resolution to provide touch gaming that’s captivating. Which sports do the best? read on. beat sneak bandit You have to give it a go for a … Read more

Intel Ivy Bridge: Everything You Need to Know

Intel is set to roll out its latest generation of processors this spring — destined for super slim notebooks — despite minor setbacks affecting ultra low-voltage models. By normal standards, the launch should mark a new “tick” in the company’s product roadmap, but Intel is going beyond shrinking the current 32nm Sandy Bridge processors by … Read more

Interview: 2Dawn Games on its upcoming shooter ‘Ravaged’ and life as an indie studio

Earth is dying. Devastated by a pole shift, the planet’s oceans have evaporated and its cities turned to rubble. In their struggle for survival, mankind is split between two warring factions: scavengers, barbarian robbers bent on claiming the world’s remaining resources, and the Resistance, freedom fighters working to restore civilization. are. Humanity is passing through … Read more

Interview with DuckDuckGo Founder Gabriel Weinberg

Many people have tried to challenge Google’s dominance in the search market over the years, ranging from small startups to big-name players. But with the exception of perhaps Microsoft, which has invested billions in its search efforts, all have failed to gain any significant traction. However, a relative newcomer to the search market, DuckDuckGo isn’t … Read more