Configuring a Windows 8 Virtual Machine

With the launch of the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, you’re probably itching to spend some quality time with Microsoft’s latest operating system. Although you’ve already downloaded the ISO, we bet some of you haven’t decided how you’re going to install it. Assuming that you have just met, we assume that most of you are … Read more

Top Best Gadgets and Tech Products

As 2011 nears its end date, you’ve probably already wrapped up your holiday shopping and are looking forward to year-end celebrations with your loved ones—and, well, find out if they’re yours. What have you got for As tech fanatics as we are, we also want to take a moment and share what 2011 has to … Read more

Building the perfect ultrabook – and where PC makers are wrong

Ultraportable, thin and light laptops, ultrabooks, no matter what the name, arguably represent the future of the form factor. Notably, Apple has been tinkering with the concept since the launch of the MacBook Air in 2008, but other manufacturers such as Lenovo and Sony have also contributed heavily to the design and development of lightweight … Read more

Apple iPod: 10 Years of the Ubiquitous Media Player

A decade ago, Apple launched an MP3 player which can be partly attributed to shaping the landscape of today’s mobile computing market. As well as being the best-selling portable media player and saving Apple from almost irrelevance, the iPod influenced many of Cupertino’s ambitious and revolutionary projects, bringing much of the industry into a permanent … Read more

iPhone 4S How Does It Stack Up

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook had big shoes on since the departure of Steve Jobs last August, but yesterday’s iPhone announcement gave the executive a chance to jump into the limelight. Contrary to what many were expecting, however, the iPhone 5 was a no-show at the event, so there was no bigger screen and no … Read more

Windows 8 Tricks, Tips and Shortcuts

Windows 8 Consumer Preview cracked 1 million downloads shortly after its launch last Wednesday and I’m sure many of you have already tried it. Whether you dual-boot, upgrade, clean install or went with a virtual machine, if you’re coming from Windows 7 you’ll notice significant changes immediately, while others may not be as obvious. Inevitably, … Read more

Apple Tax Part II iMac vs. Windows All-in-Ones

When Apple updated its notebook lineup earlier this month we were curious to find out how well the new MacBook Air stacks up next to a couple of Ultrabook options. Turning on the so-called “Apple Tax” wasn’t as much of an issue as Apple critics often claim. In fact, Apple is relatively in line with … Read more