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Nev Schulman feeling confident before running in the New York City Marathon on November 6. The long time Catfish host, 38, spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Hollywood Life ahead of the big day as he tackles the 26.2 mile trek across all five boroughs alongside a host of other celebrities including Ashton Kutcher44.

“I mean the truth is, yeah, I’m trying to set a new personal record, but I’m really just trying to run faster than Ashton,” the MTV star joked. “Because honestly, this is probably my only chance to beat Ashton Kutcher on anything. That’s really the goal if I’m being completely honest.”

Nev also shared how he feels before putting on his running shoes for the big event. “I’m actually in Florida right now filming Catfish. My schedule is very unpredictable. So it happens that I will be filming all week and go back to New York on Saturday night, which is not ideal as the race is on Sunday morning. But right now my focus is just to rest, relax, hydrate, and sleep as much as possible,” he said. “And again, mostly just focus on my diet and rest.”

Nev Schulman Ashton Kutcher
Nev Schulman prepares for the NYC Marathon (Shutterstock)

The New York native also revealed how he feels ahead of the annual marathon that attracts some of the brightest stars across sports, entertainment, television and lifestyle. “This will be the second time I’ve really run with a very specific time goal, and also really the second time I’ve run after training aggressively,” explained Nev, who has competed in numerous marathons before. “I’m nervous because I’ve had my eyes on this goal for the past four months. I worked hard on it and put in a lot of time and effort. I hope all the pieces fall into place and I reach my goal.”

In addition to Ashton are probably the biggest names on offer in 2022 Ellie Kemper, Claire Holtand Lauren Ridloff. The 2022 edition of the New York City Marathon sees the race return to its full glory. The race was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2021 pandemic precautions limited the number of competitors to 33,000. In 2022, 50,000 racers are expected to start. How many complete the race remains to be seen. Will any of the following celebs cross the line? Tune in on November 6 to find out.


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