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  • Aaron Carter died Saturday, November 5, 2022 at his home in Lancaster, California at the age of 34
  • Aaron’s older sister Leslie died of an overdose in her home in New York in 2012 at the age of 25
  • Aaron and Leslie are survived by their mother Jane Elizabeth Cartertheir three siblings, two half-brothers and a step-sister
  • Aaron and Leslie’s father Robert Carter died in 2017 after a heart attack at the age of 65.

In heartbreaking news, Aaron Carter died at his home on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at the age of 34, his representative confirmed. Hollywood Life. “He was found unresponsive by his this morning [fiancée] Melanie Martin at home in Lancaster, California,” the rep shared. “Everyone is so devastated right now.”

The late Aaron Carter is survived by six brothers and sisters. His sister Leslie died in 2012. (Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock)

Aaron, who has been open about his struggles with addiction and mental health, followed in his older siblings’ footsteps and made a name for himself in music as a teeny bopper. Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It) in 2000. He also had two high-profile romances with Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan during its heyday. Later, his career was overshadowed by his personal and family battles, including his claim that his late sister Leslie raped him as a child.

Read on to find out more about Leslie and the six other siblings in the Carter brood, below.

Nick Carter

Nick Carter is Aaron Carter’s older brother who is a Backstreet Boy. (Wideimage/Shutterstock)

Born on January 28, 1980, Nick Carter is the oldest and best known of the Carter group. After gaining incredible fame in the 90s as a member of the iconic boy band, back street boyswould Nick continue to act in films such as Edward Scissorhands and television programs such as 8 simple rules. He also appeared with the Backstreet Boys in Seth Rogan’s 2013 comedy This is the end.

In 2014, Nick married YouTuber and fitness trainer Lauren Kitt, 38, after six years of dating. Together, the couple have a son and two daughters: Odin, Saoirse and Pearl.

Unfortunately, Nick and Aaron haven’t had the best relationship in recent years. In 2019, Nick revealed Twitter that he filed a restraining order against Aaron. “In light of Aaron’s increasingly alarming behavior and his recent admission of harboring thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child, we have been left with no choice but to take every measure possible to protect ourselves and our family not protected,” he wrote. “We love our brother and truly hope he gets the proper treatment he needs before any harm comes to himself or anyone else.”

Aaron responded to the restraining order on his own Twitter wrote at the time: “Take care. @nickcarter we are done for life.”

Angel Carter

Angel Carter is Aaron Carter’s twin sister. (Sipa/Shutterstock)

Angel is Aaron’s twin sister. The pair were pretty close before Angel signed the restraining order with Nick against Aaron, per Huffington Post. In fact, Aaron walked Angel down the aisle at her wedding in 2014, according to CBS News.

At the ceremony, Angel got married Corey Conradand they welcomed a daughter named Harper Conrad in 2019.

Leslie Carter

Leslie Carter was welcomed on June 6, 1986 and had strong musical genes, much like her talented siblings. Her single “Like Wow!” even appeared on the Shrek soundtrack. Tragically, the young star was found unresponsive in her home in Mayville, New York on January 31, 2012 and was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital. Her cause of death was reported as an overdose, with three prescription drugs found near her body, per E!.

Bobbie Jean Carter

Leslie Carter, Aaron Carter, Angel Carter and Bobbie Jean Carter pose together in better times. (Picture Perfect/Shutterstock)

Bobbie Jean Carter was born on January 12, 1982 and kept herself out of the limelight until the siblings signed up for the reality show The House of Carters in 2006. However, she was in trouble with the law in 2002, when she was arrested for two counts of battery. Bobbie Jean attacked two women who she said “jumped” her sister Angel on Halloween, per RadarOnline.

Virginia Marie Carter

Virginia Marie Carter, born in October 1972, is Aaron’s half-sister from his father’s first marriage. Little is known about the oldest of the extended Carter brood.

Taelyn Dobson

The only half-brother of Aaron, Taelyn Dobson is the daughter of Ginger Elrodwho married Aaron’s father in 2003, according to The sun. Since Taelyn is quite private, little is known about her in the public forum.

Kaden Brent Carter

While very little is known about Kaden Brent Carterwho was born on June 7, 2005, he does have an Instagram with is mate, where the teenagers share snaps from high school.


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