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Game of Love is the exciting sequel to the 2021 film Time is up. Benjamin Mascolo and Bella Thorne reunite to continue Roy and Vivien’s story in the sequel. Hollywood Life Talked EXCLUSIVELY with Benjamin about working with Bella.

“Bella, she’s a great actress. I worked with her in the first movie, and she was very helpful,” Benjamin said. “She definitely made me feel at ease on set, so that really helped. the director, Elisa Amoruso, she got to know us better on the second movie. We got to know better how she works, so there was a very good interaction between us. It felt like going back to our family and doing an old movie.”

Benjamin Mascolo
Benjamin Mascolo in ‘Game of Love’. (Everett Collection)

Benjamin and Bella started dating in real life in 2019. They got engaged in 2021 but ended their engagement in 2022. While they are filming Game of loveBenjamin noted that he “learned a lot” working with Bella.

“She is very natural in the way she acts. She’s been doing this her whole life and just seeing her presence, the way she handles things, and even the way she perseveres for her focus and time on set to do things the right way, I feel like she’s really hard worked. It was inspiring to me,” Benjamin continued.

When Benjamin made Time is up, he had “no idea” there would be a sequel. “I was just grateful that I had the opportunity to learn a new craft and do my first movie. The fan support was amazing, and they gave us the opportunity to shoot #2 because #1 was a success,” said Benjamin HollywoodLife.

In Game of love, Roy and Vivien continue to face obstacles in their relationship. Benjamin pointed out that the “struggle” for the couple is different in the sequel. “Like every young couple, they have to go through many challenges to get through it, because love is fundamental, but it is not enough,” said Benjamin. “It’s not just about love. It’s about sacrifice. It’s about life choices. We see how they handle it. I feel like a lot of people can relate because a lot of young couples go through these kinds of challenges every day.”

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo at the Rome Film Festival. (Shutterstock)

What a sequel to Game of love, Benjamin doesn’t have the answers. “But I can say for my part, I’m absolutely open,” the actor and singer admitted. I had fun shooting with the team, and fun shooting with Bella. I think she’s a great actress. She’s a wonderful person, and I’m open to the idea of ​​shooting a third movie. But you never know how it will go and what will happen.” Game of love is now in select theaters and On Demand.


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