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Heidi Klum, the Queen of Halloween, made a grand entrance at her Halloween party in New York City. The 49-year-old walked in (or rather, crawled) as a giant worm. Yes, you read that right. She transformed from head to toe into a worm, complete with a curved head, a tail and no arms. Heidi’s husband, Tom Kaulitzdressed as a fisherman with a bloody eye.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum in her worm costume. (Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock)

Heidi threw her 22nd annual Halloween costume party this year after not having the spooky bash for two years. She spent the hours leading up to her Halloween party teasing her costume for fans and taking them through the hours of special effects makeup it took to perfect her look. She started preparing this weekend. She got a spray tan, which she showed off in a near-nude NSFW photo she proudly shared on her Instagram feed.

The Halloween expert’s first post of Halloween was a video in which several containers of body and face paint were rinsed. “#HeidiHalloween2022 begins…” she captioned it. The mother of four next shared a similar video, but she upped the spookiness by adding red lighting to the video. She also proudly recited a get ready poem. “A little color, a little paint, makes you what you’re not,” she said cryptically. Then Heidi shared a video that gave fans a big sneak peek at her costume. She encouraged fans to watch her Amazon live stream as she applied a smoky black under her eyes, as seen below. She also wore a single alien contact lens and had a prosthesis taped to her chin.

Finally, Heidi shared her finished face makeup, which included prosthetic pieces glued to her forehead and chin and with a raked texture. “Happy Halloween everyone!” she exclaimed on Instagram. “Come along at once!”

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum with husband Tom Kaulitz. (Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock)

The Victoria’s Secret Angel also showed off some snippets of her husband of three years, Tom Kaulitz, getting ready for the big party on her Instagram Story. He sat still as he allowed a stylist to insert a brown-orange contact lens into his eye, but the rest of his costume was hidden.

Heidi has been throwing extravagant Halloween parties since 2000, so she’s a celebrity often associated with the ghoul-tastic time of year. She has transformed herself into some of the most iconic stars and creative creatures over the years, such as Betty Boop (2002), a cadaver (2011), a beautiful butterfly (2014), and probably most famously, Jessica Rabbit (2015). She even has a rule that forbids anyone from entering if they are not dressed in costume. “The majority of guests were not super dressed,” she recalled The Hollywood Reporter about her first annual shindig in a 2019 interview. “So, after that I implemented a ‘no costume no entry’ rule. We quickly taught people that if you don’t come in a costume, you don’t get in. The costumes get bigger and better every year. And that’s because guests know they won’t come in unless they bring it.”

Unfortunately, her parties in 2020 and 2021 were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that didn’t stop her from celebrating her favorite holiday. For both years she released short films starring Tom and her children, Leni, Henry, Johanand Lou. The first film featured the German model’s four children turning into zombie mummies and chasing her through their home, while the 2021 video showed Heidi as a bloodthirsty zombie.

Whether she’s hosting a party or creating a zombie thriller, Heidi knows people expect the most from her every enchanting season. “I embrace that title [of Queen of Halloween]! And I always want to live up to it, year after year,” she exclaimed.


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