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Cecily Strong has the role of Skechers CEO in a hilarious Saturday Nightlife cheat on Kanye “Ye” West make an appearance at their actual headquarters in California. The drop-in came just days after Ye was dropped by German-based Adidas, which makes its popular Yeezy line, following his highly offensive anti-Semitic comments that saw him suspended from Twitter and restricted on Instagram. In the SNL events, Cecily doubled down on Skechers’ position to show Kanye the door.

“At Skechers, we pride ourselves on making shoes at an affordable price – and standing up to anti-Semitism. That’s why earlier this week when Kanye West showed up at our corporation and asked to work with us — we said no,” she firmly told the camera in the sketch, which mocked a corporate presentation video. Other employees — including one played by Bowen Yang — as they chimed in with “no way,” “no,” and “no thanks” at the prospect of working with the Chicago-born rapper. “We immediately escorted him out of the building,” Bowen explained, referring to actual events that did take place after Ye stopped by.

Cecily Strong made her return to ‘SNL’ after a hiatus on October 29. (NBC)

“Like the rest of the country, we were shocked by Kanye’s appalling comments and vowed never to work with him in any capacity,” said Cecily, who wore a red jacket while in a Skechers store. stood, then said. “But, we can also point out that of all the companies he could have approached and been rejected by, he chose Skechers,” she added as the piano music. Chloe Fineman then shot back, “Kanye came to Skechers and Skechers said no. Do you realize how satisfying that is?”

“Two years ago you could imagine that headline – Skechers is too good for Kanye,” Bowen then laughed. “Obviously, he has always been a disruptor in the fashion industry. Again, we will never work with him. What would you even call a Kanye Skechers shoe anyway? The Skeezy?” he reflected, pointing out another show company that has yet to comment on the controversy. “I haven’t heard anything about Crocs. They are not said to be anti-Semitic, but we have not heard anything from them.”

Cecily then doubled down on the choice to show Kanye the property of the Jewish company. “He walked in and we were like bees – boo-bees – through. It’s not all about us, but it’s not like Allbirds aren’t fighting the battle,” she declared.

In real life, Kanye didn’t seem bothered by the whole thing. “Had to cut ties bro,” Kanye bizarrely wrote, seemingly reacting to news that his own brand Yeezy has severed ties with the former billionaire. Kanye also dropped by VogueBalenciaga and many other brands he regularly worked with or collaborated with.


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