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Jack Harlow brought the romance with his performances of “Lil’ Secret” and “First Class,” followed by a second appearance with “State Fair,” on Saturday Night Live‘s episode of October 29. The rapper borrowed from Snoop Dogg‘s “Sensual Seduction” vibe for the ’70s theme of his first performance, taking on a love interest he says he “told his therapist” (according to the lyrics). The Louisville native’s slick style was on full display as he rocked a feather boa and cream suit, fittingly for the next tune, “First Class” — his biggest single to date. Despite being on national television, Jack’s performances felt intimate and real – something that is difficult to achieve through the screen.

The show is Jack’s second ever on SNL, as the Louisville native made his debut in March 2021 when he wasn’t quite as mainstream. At the time, he performed a mix of songs “Tyler Herro”/”Whats Poppin” as well as track “Same Guy”. After the release of “First Class,” what examples Fergie‘s 2006 track “Glamorous,” Jack became a household name — even garnering attention for the former Black Eyed Peas singer! Fergie herself surprised audiences at the MTV VMAs this year when she performed the song with Jack for an unforgettable pop culture moment that bridges both of their songs.

Earlier in the episode, Jack brought the laughs in his opening monologue — he calls himself the “GOAT,” but not of rap music. “They mean the one from Narnia,” he quipped as a photo flashed of the Goat character from the films based on the Lewis Carroll novels. “People like to grill me – and say things like, ‘I don’t know why you think Jack Harlow is so special, you can find someone like him at a gas station,'” he told a roaring audience before compared. his curly hair to a retro photo of Justin Timberlake “in the old days.”

He also joked that people assumed he had a romantic relationship with pal Lil Nas X. “People tried to romantically link me and Lil Nas X as an item. I’m going to tell you right now – no. Everything that happened between us was casual and consensual and one of his best nights of my entire life,” he deadpanned, before explaining: “Work with him, work with him.”


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