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Image Credit: Courtesy of Campo Viejo

“Día de Los Muertos has always been such an important tradition in my family,” Erin Lim Rhodes tell Hollywood Life before the Mexican holiday. Día de Los Muertos, which takes place on November 1 and 2, is a time for family and friends to gather to pay respect to those who have passed away. “This holiday in English translates to ‘Day of the Dead,’ in which the living and the dead are reunited, and we honor those who are no longer with us,” adds Erin. “I love the uniqueness of this tradition where we exchange mourning for commemoration.”

Campo Viejo helps Erin and others celebrate. The award-winning Spanish wine teamed up The outcome host to curate an experience worthy of Día de Los Muertos. Camp Viejo has launched a digital version of Cartas, their homage to the traditional game. They paired the game with their Rioja Tempranillo and Reserva, two vintages that pair well with the foods associated with the day.

(Courtesy of Campo Viejo)

We love hosting dinner parties and parties at my house, and Campo Viejo is the perfect combination for really any soirée, but especially Día de Los Muertos!” said Erin. “The Cartas that come with the bottle are a great way to connect and playfully interact with family and friends. The Reserva has become a fan favorite at our house! I like to serve it with red meat – which would be carne asada, along with side dishes like Mexican rice, beans and avocado salad.”

(Courtesy of Campo Viejo)

“Combining such a delicious and vibrant Spanish wine with a festive and fun game of Campo Cartas will make for such an incredible celebration,” says Rhodes. “Campo Viejo Cartas is such a perfect activity for any Day of the Dead celebration. It touches on so many traditional elements of the event while also adding a fun and modern twist! It’s such a great way to bond with loved ones and family while staying true to aspects of my culture that I’ve always valued growing up.”

While you head out to get some bottles, here’s Erin Lim Rhodes EXCLUSIVE playlist for Día de Los Muertos.

Quirino Mendoza y Cortés, “Cielito Lindo”

Not only is this a popular Mexican national anthem, but it was my Nana’s favorite song, her nickname growing up was “Cielo” because she always looked up at the sky, and when she passed away last year, this song ironically played on her. speakers. My daughter’s middle name is Cielo, and we call her Cielito.

[Editor’s Note: for the playlist, we’ve included a version of Quirino Mendoza y Cortés “Cielito Lindo” recorded by conductor Alondra de la Parra.]

Selena, “Photos y Recuerdos”

Selena is one of my favorite artists of all time, and this song is very fitting for DDLM as we commemorate our deceased loved ones through photos on altars, memories and offerings.

Vicente Fernández, “Volver, Volver”

Even though it’s a love song about a lover begging to come back, it’s a classic in my family and a song we always play at funerals.

Celia Cruz, “Rie y Llora”

The playlist doesn’t just have to be sad! We honor the dead, but also celebrate life! Celia Cruz’s music gets any party poppin’, and I love the message of this song, which says we can laugh and cry, but live in the moment and enjoy life!

“remember me” Coco soundtrack

It’s the best Disney animated movie, and it’s all about Día De Los Muertos. Such a cute song, and we love this soundtrack at home!


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