Exclusive: T20 World Cup – ‘Wants to bat like Rohit Sharma and bowl like Kapil Dev’: Drushil Chauhan, the 9-year-old kid who impressed Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid in Perth | Cricket News


NEW DELHI: Nine-year-old Drushil Chauhan is now a household name in Perth. You ask for Drushil in Joondalup, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, and people there will gladly guide you to his place. The neighbors visit his place quite often now to meet the kid who has become a bit of a celebrity in those parts.
His father Mehul Chauhan happily tells the story of his son sharing space with Indian captain Rohit Sharma and meeting the legendary Rahul Dravid.
It was nothing short of a fairytale for Drushil when he was invited to hit the nets with Rohit. He was among more than 100 children playing cricket in Perth as the scheduled training sessions got underway.
Aiming to be an all-rounder, Drushil is a left-arm pacer and bowled with a smooth run-up. He bowled some in-swingers and out-swingers. Rohit, after completing his practice session at the nets, was walking towards the dressing room, when he paused to watch the nine-year-old bowl. He then walked to the dressing room. He stood on the balcony outside the dressing room and watched the child closely. He also called Indian team analyst Hari Prasad, spinner Yuzvendra Chahal, head coach Dravid and batting coach Vikram Rathore to see this young talent.

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Drushil and his father were completely unaware of this.
A dedicated Drushil was tearing apart the stumps of the batsmen, with his swingers and yorkers in the area given to the children for play and practice, watched by some of the biggest names of all time in international cricket .
“It was an honor for Drushil. He has natural talent. He just loves cricket and his passion for the sport is extraordinary,” said Drushil’s father Mehul Chauhan TimesofIndia.com in an exclusive interview from Perth.
Mehul was clicking his son’s pictures when he heard someone say, ‘Excuse me. Captain Rohit wants to meet this kid. Please be here tomorrow morning.’
“I was like – Really? Is this true? I was really surprised,” Drushil’s father Mehul said TimesofIndia.com.
Mehul took a while to let those words sink in, then he smiled, held his son’s hands and told him the news.
“I told him that I have never met any cricketer in my life but you deserve to meet the legendary Indian captain Rohit Sharma because he saw you and liked your once in a lifetime bowling , especially from persons representing India,” Mehul further said. tell TimesofIndia.com.


Drushil with his father Mehul Chauhan (Image credit: TOI special arrangement)
The youth was delighted and went home happily. He now eagerly awaits the next morning.
His father advised Drushil and packed his kit bag. He had a sleepless night. He knew something big was going to happen in his son’s life.
“It was a proud moment for us. Every year, when the BBL session is about to start, we attend all the cricket events. We visit the WACA stadium for cricket matches. He (Drushil) is a big fan of the Perth Scorchers. When we heard that the Indian team was coming here. I decided to take Drushil there so that he can get inspiration from these international stars – like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya,” Mehul further said.
“We reached two hours early. We eagerly waited. When Rohit walked through, Drushil shouted ‘hey Rohit Sharma, it’s Drushil here’. Rohit turned around, greeted and acknowledged him. He said he had to wait another 10 minutes and that he would take him (Drushil) to the nets. I tied Drushil’s shoelaces properly and congratulated him,” the proud father continued TimesofIndia.com.
Rohit went to the dressing room, put on his pads and asked someone to bring Drushil to the nets. The Indian captain threw a ball to Dhrushil and asked him to bowl. The kid bowled one over to the Indian skipper.


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“I bowled in-swing and out-swing deliveries to Rohit Sharma. I also tried one yorker and one short-length delivery. I wanted to bowl a variety of deliveries to him. I couldn’t beat him (laughs). He bowled those with ease played. But I could swing the ball,” said 9-year-old Drushil, who is a Perth Scorchers fan TimesofIndia.com.


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“I also spoke to him (Rohit). He appreciated my bowling and asked about my background and discussed cricket with me. I was so happy and honored to speak to the Indian captain. I admire him,” the youngster continued. said TimeofIndia.com.


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Drushil also got the opportunity to meet coach Dravid and batting coach Rathore.


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“Rahul Dravid appreciated my bowling and said ‘keep it up’. Vikram Rathore also said ‘well done’,” Drushil further recalled.


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Mehul Chauhan is from Vadodara and he shifted his base to Perth 14 years ago. He wanted to become a cricketer, but it was a dream he could not pursue. When Drushil was born, Mehul decided to make him a cricketer. He used to watch 1983 World Cup videos with Drushil and the youngster fell in love with the game and decided to try to become an all-rounder much like the legendary Kapil Dev.
“I want to bat like Rohit Sharma and bowl like Kapil Dev. I admire Rohit Sharma. It was really great to talk to the legend (Rohit) and get tips from him,” Drushil said.


Tim David with Drushil (Image credit: TOI special arrangement)
“My dad shows me cricket videos and he told me to learn and pick up skills (from there). He has a good collection of videos. I learn from them. He always supports me and motivates me. In Australia, I have a lot met international cricketers and clicked many pictures with them,” the nine-year-old signed off.


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