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SYDNEY: Suryakumar Yadav firmly believes that he can push the boundaries when it comes to mastering the art of handling pressure in match simulation, something that has fetched him fantastic results in the last one year.
Surya instilled deadly fear among the global bowlers’ union with an insane strike rate of nearly 178 in 36 matches and 11 fifty-plus scores (1 century and 10 half-centuries).
But if you find Surya’s spin from his hips to send the ball to deep mid-wicket stand unbelievable, know there is a method to his madness, like the 25-ball 51 not out in India’s 56-run win against the The Netherlands in the T20 World Cup Thursday here.
Asked about his preparation that brings this manic consistency, Surya said, “What I do is try to put a lot of pressure on myself whenever I go for a few practice sessions or play a match scenario.
“So, for example, if I target a couple of balls, and I have to get (supposedly) ‘N’ number of runs, if I get out, I just get out. That day I didn’t go in to bat again.”
The simulation helps him prepare better for the game.
“The same thing I was thinking about going into the games, and my plans were very clear. What shots I have in my kitty, I just go out and express it. I won’t get anything out of the It helped me, and hopefully try to do the same thing in the upcoming matches,” he elaborated.
“It feels really good to have numbers around, but at the same time, what I’ve been doing for the past few years is maybe just eating the fruits of that hard work,” the satisfied smile said it all.
Situational awareness
After achieving great success while batting at the top order in the IPL, Surya clearly understands his role.
“I think from my point of view, the number I’m batting, I’ve practiced it in the last three or four years. Whatever the situation is, I just have to bat according to that,” he said.
“It’s simple because as a No. 4 I either come in when we’ve lost two wickets and there’s not too much on the board. Then I have to pick up the pace in the last 10 overs.
“The other situation is that the team has scored a lot of runs when I come in and I have to maintain that pace,” he said.
One could not help but be impressed with the clarity in his thought process.
Surya is fully aware of his range and plays his shots as per the requirements.
“The last two tracks (Brisbane warm-up and Melbourne) were completely different to where we played today. It (SCG track) was a bit slow, and the last game it was a bit fast and bouncy.
“You have to adapt. And obviously everybody has to have their own plan, and they try to execute it. Hopefully we’ll come out again and do the same.”
‘Virat always helps me get clarity in my mind’
In the Indian team, Surya has had the maximum impactful partnerships with none other than Kohli, and this has happened because of their deep understanding of each other’s games.
“I feel we respect each other’s game when we bat together. For example, if I get a couple of boundaries from one end, then he tries to turn around and keep the intention of looking for good shots,” he said. look given their mindset.
“Obviously, at the same time, my plans are very clear when I go in to bat. I look for boundaries, try to hit the gaps and run hard. You know, when you’re batting with him, you have to run hard too,” he added.
On the day, Kohli helped him clear his mind about when to attack the Dutch bowlers.
“He just clears your mind. I mean, when I was batting and when I was a bit confused when I was in, he just came to me and told me what kind of delivery can you expect from that bowler now.
“So it’s a really good camaraderie, and I’m really enjoying batting with him now.”


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