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  • Jeremy Pena has become the breakout star for the Houston Astros as they head to the 2022 World Series
  • The rookie shortstop made his MLB debut in 2022, 26 years after his father Geronimo retired from his own stellar career with the major leagues.
  • Geronimo, who with the St. Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Indians, witnessed his son’s first major league home run in person as he was interviewed in the stands with his wife, Cecilia.

Coming off an excellent postseason, Houston Astros shortstop Jeremy Pena is the athlete to watch during his team’s battle with the Philidelphia Phillies in the 2022 World Series. The 25-year-old star also has a baseball legacy to add to his lore, as his father Geronimo Pena was also a star baseball player! Read on to find out more about Geronimo below.

Jeremy Pena’s father, Geronimo Pena, was also an MLB star. (Gail Burton/AP/Shutterstock)

Where is Geronimo from?

Geronimo Pena Martínez was born on March 29, 1967 in the Dominican Republic in a town called Los Alcarrizos. After returning to his home country after his baseball career, Geronimo and his wife Cecilia welcomed Jeremy on September 22, 1997, just five miles southeast of his father’s birthplace, according to The Runner Sports.

What is his baseball legacy

Geronimo was a baseball star in his own right! He made his first league debut on September 5, 1990 for the St. Louis Cardinals and played for them until 1995. His retirement came right after a brief five-game stint with the Cleveland Indians in 1996. During his 378 games over seven big league seasons, Gerónimo batted .262 with 162 runs scored, 30 home runs, 124 RBI, 54 stolen bases and 112 career runs, per Baseball Almanac.

Geronimo was interviewed live while Jeremy hit his 1st MLB home run

Geronimo and Cecilia were interviewed while sitting in the stands during the second game of Jeremy’s professional baseball career in April 2022 when the slugger hit his first home run, according to Chron. The parents were asked a question when Jeremy suddenly blew the ball during the Astros win against the Los Angeles Angels. Once the cheering subsided and Geronimo realized what had happened, he said, “Happy, happy, happy,” according to the news source.

After the game, Jeremy told reporters: “You don’t plan it. When they told me they got it on camera, it was pretty amazing.”

His Wife Gets A Special Shout Out

While Jeremy clearly has a special bond with his dad, the young star athlete also has a close relationship with his mom, Cecilia… and he has a unique way of showing his appreciation for it! When he scores a run and crosses the plate, he makes a heart symbol with his two hands. Jeremy revealed he was doing it for his mother. Watch above!

Geronimo has another relative in baseball

The sport must run in the family! Not only does Geronimo have a son breaking records in the major leagues, but a cousin has also made an MLB roster. Ramses Peña signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2009.


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