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Taylor Swift is “dressing for revenge” on the sharp new track, “Vigilante S***,” from her 10th studio album, Midnight. The song, which is the only self-penned track on the album, Taylor sings directly to one of her nemeses. However, it’s only in the second verse that jaws really drop. “She needed cold, hard proof, so I gave her some,” Taylor sings. “She had the envelope, where did she get it from? Now she gets the house, gets the children, gets the pride. Imagine me as thieves with your ex-wife.”

There have been many people who have disparaged Taylor over the years, but two of them have just-so-coincidentally gone through very public divorces in the past two years: Scooter Braun and Kanye West. Kanye and Kim Kardashian split in February 2021, while Scooter and Yael Cohen ended it in July 2021. Taylor and Kim have also feuded in the past, but their issues all stemmed from Kanye. Meanwhile, Yael stood up for Scooter after Taylor publicly called him out when he bought her masters. Scott Borchetta in 2019. However, it is unclear if Taylor made out with one of these women behind the scenes.

taylor swift and kim kardashian
Taylor and Kim had a falling out after Kim defended Kanye over his song, “Famous,” in 2016. (Stephen Lovekin/David Fisher/Shutterstock)

In the bridge of “Vigilante S***”, Taylor continues to sing about the power of women uniting against a man who has scorned them. “Ladies always rise to the top, ladies know what people want,” she says. “Some are sweet and friendly and fun, the ladies have simply had enough.” She then gets specific with allegations against the unidentified subject of the song, continuing: “He did lines, and crossed all of mine, someone told his white-collar crimes to the FBI.”

yael scooter braun
Scooter and Yael finalized their divorce in 2022. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

The chorus of “Vigilante S***” is all about getting revenge, which Taylor says has been one of the things that has “kept her awake at night” over the years, ultimately inspiring. Midnight. “I don’t start s*** but I can tell you how it ends,” sings Taylor. “Don’t get sad, get even. So on weekends I don’t dress up for friends, lately I dress up for revenge.”

In addition to this sharp song, Midnight also features 12 other brand new songs. The album was inspired by Taylor’s life through “13 sleepless nights”, so some of the themes and subjects touch back on years past. However, there are also songs, such as “Lavender Haze” and “Mastermind,” that her current relationship with Joe Alwyn.


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