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The October 20 episode of Grey’s Anatomy started with Amelia FaceTiming Kai on the way to work. Amelia wishes she could fly to Minnesota to be with Kai. Kai tells Amelia they are not in Minnesota. When Amelia turns around, Kai is there in Seattle.

In the wake of her panic attack, Zola goes to work with Meredith. Zola wants to watch all the operations and forget about her studies.

Addison is back

Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh is back as Addison. (ABC)

You didn’t think Bailey could stay away from the hospital forever, did you? She is introduced to the new interns and instructs them to make sex counseling videos to help prevent teenage pregnancy. They will be working with another world-class surgeon: the one and only Addison!

Lucas is incredibly uncomfortable around Addison. He does not reveal his last name to her. He knows it will give away his identity. He wants to avoid Addison so much that he goes to Teddy to do any job she has to offer.

Simone’s grandmother comes to Gray Sloan

A woman named Joyce, played by Marla Gibbs, comes to the hospital looking for her daughter who is having a baby. Lucas can’t seem to find Joyce’s daughter. Joyce is determined that her daughter is around Seattle Grace. Her daughter’s name is Denise Griffith. When Lucas looks up Denise’s records, he discovers that she died in 1995. She has a daughter named… Simone.

Alexis Floyd
Alexis Floyd and Niko Terho as Simone and Lucas. (ABC)

Nick finds Zola wandering around the hospital. Nick says she’s looking for a bathroom, but Nick knows that’s a lie. Zola admits she is looking for a gallery to watch surgery. Nick has just the thing to keep her busy. He lets her mess around with the new surgical tools, and she’s a total natural with it.

Kai shows up and is impressed when Zola completes a cognitive puzzle with ease. Nick calls Maggie and Amelia in to watch Zola take more cognitive tests without even needing instructions. He had never seen anything like it.

The interns’ performance skills on camera can definitely be improved. The sex education videos are a bit boring, to say the least. Addison is on the phone in the stairwell when a teenage girl walks in upset. Her period is late. Addison helps her out and takes her to get a blood test.

After a few painful tutorials, Jules turns things around with the sex education video approach. Her explanation of the female anatomy arouses the interest of the children. Suddenly they did everyone have questions for the documents.

Aniela Gumbs
Aniela Gumbs as Zola. (ABC)

Jules goes to see Link in hopes that he will talk to the kids about sexual consent. He refuses, as does Winston. Teddy and Owen, despite their current problems, step up to teach the kids.

Meredith helps Simone

Simone is paged and brought to Joyce. Joyce thinks Simone is her daughter. Simone has to explain that Denise is dead and has been for years. Joyce doesn’t remember who Simone is. “I don’t want you. I want my daughter,” Joyce tells Simone. Meredith steps in to help Simone with Joyce. Meredith had been here before with her own mother.

When a teenage patient requires emergency surgery, Bailey doesn’t hesitate to go back to the OR with Addison. While Addison is in surgery, Schmitt breaks the news to the teenage girl that she is pregnant. She only had sex once. She didn’t think she would get pregnant the first time.

The young girl started to get scared. She doesn’t want her parents to find out. Schmitt explains that he can give her abortion pills to get rid of her pregnancy, and no one has to know. Addison and Schmitt advise the girl together on how to get rid of this pregnancy.

Meredith finds Simone crying outside the hospital. It has been 2 years since her grandmother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Meredith advises that living in Joyce’s reality is the “most humane option”, even though it will hurt Simone to act as if her mother is still alive. Meredith tells Simone that she really feels her pain. When Simone goes back inside, she listens to Meredith and pretends to be her mother in front of Joyce.

Bailey is back at the hospital! (ABC)

Nick pages Meredith about Zola. Kai and Maggie explain how Zola passed all these neurological evaluations. Maggie tells Meredith that Zola is extremely gifted, which may explain Zola’s panic attacks. She thinks Zola needs to be challenged more than children her age.

Bailey returns to work and the documents have steamy connections

Bailey finally admits that she is ready to come back to work. She wants to reopen the clinic and dedicate it to reproductive health. She will also work as an attendant. Bailey emphasizes that she doesn’t want to be the boss. She wants to teach and only works 40 hours a week.

Simone asks Lucas not to tell anyone about her grandmother. She also admits that she knows Lucas is a Shepherd. She hasn’t told anyone yet. “I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine,” says Simone.

Everyone takes everything they’ve learned from sex education and applies it to their own lives. Owen and Teddy finally reconnect, while Kai and Amelia get some alone time together. Lucas and Simone clearly have a connection, but they’re keeping things platonic for now. Jules and Blue hook up. She says it’s just this one time, but we all know that’s a lie.


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