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  • Quintessa Swindell to star alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in DC’s new superhero movie ‘Black Adam’
  • The actor plays Cyclone, a brilliant young heroine with the ability to manipulate the wind
  • Quintessa had a small role in HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ as Anna

The DC Universe just got that much more exciting with the delivery of Black Adam lead role Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The superhero movie, which follows the adventures of the titular anti-hero, also features some other newcomers to the comic book film genre, including Noah Centineo and Quintessa Swindell. While the To all the boys I’ve loved before actor plays Atom Smasher, Quintessa plays Cyclone, aka Maxine Hunkel, a brilliant young heroine with the ability to manipulate the wind. Read on to find out more about Quintessa below.

Quintessa Swindell plays Cyclone in ‘Black Adam’. (NEIL HALL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Quintessa identifies as a non-binary actor

Born on February 8, 1997, Quintessa, who uses they/them pronouns, is the first non-binary actor who identifies as gender non-conforming to play a superhero in the DC Universe. They often support LBGTQ+ rights on their Instagram.

“I feel like there’s an absolute imperative, given the current political climate, to focus on the very queer communities that are underrepresented on television and in film,” she said. SMOOTH in 2019. “Without proper representation for queer communities, people exploring their identity can be sidelined. In my experience, if I hadn’t moved out of my small town and found a way to be surrounded by strange people, I wouldn’t be who and where I am today.”

They studied dance to play a superhero who controls wind

Quintessa’s superhero Cyclone controls the wind. (Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection)

Quintessa looked to modern dance pioneers such as Loie Fuller and Isadora Duncan to get into the spirit of Cyclone, according to EW. “Through movement there is an emotional release,” she told the outlet. “So when I trained, I became more comfortable in my body and really empowered in a way that I honestly didn’t think would happen.”

Quintessa also took inspiration from ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

“I also looked at other films that included a lot of CGI or VFX to understand how an actor would either fully realize their surroundings or just focus on the character interaction and let the green screen do its thing,” they said. said SYFY Thread. “So I looked at Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and game of thrones.”

“With Star Warsit was like they weren’t really externally focused, like when they’re on Naboo, you know, they look out and realize where they are and embrace that and let that inform the vibe,” they added.

They dished on a spin-off with Noah Centineo

Quintessa Swindell identifies as non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Quintessa stars alongside Noah Centineo, who plays Atom Smasher. Their characters bond in the film and the actors were asked what a spin-off for the superheroes would look like. “Lots of heads butting,” Noah said SyFy thread, to which Quintessa responded, “Oh, absolutely. And chaotic.”

Quintessa revealed their dream role

Quintessa is just starting their young career, but they already have their eyes on some big roles. “If she would allow it, I would really like to play Angela Davis in a biopic about her life and struggle during the 70s Civil Rights Movement,” Quintessa said SMOOTH.


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