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The October 18 episode of Bachelor in Paradise showed the aftermath of what happened when the seven couples broke up, with the girls being taken to another location and the guys staying on the beach. Five new women were brought in to date the men, while the ladies also found out they would have a chance at new connections with five new men of their own. While many of the women struggled as they wondered what was going on at the back of the beach, Shanae Ankney decided she was going to experience Paradise to the fullest.

Shanae spent time together Logan Palmer before split week. However, after the breakup she got a date card and asked for new arrivals Tyler Norris to accompany her. “I think in life you have to keep your options open,” Shanae admitted. “Maybe let go a little and enjoy it!” During their date, Shanae and Tyler participated in a very intimate tantric yoga session and things definitely got steamy.

shanae ankney logan palmer
Shanae and Logan on their previous one-on-one date. (ABC)

At the end of the night, Shanae was ready to spend time with Tyler in the Boom Boom Room, but was “blocked” by Jill Chinwho was in tears all day because of her divorce Jacob Rapini. Although a night of passion didn’t work out for Shanae and Tyler, she made it clear that she felt him. She even said she felt “more connected” to Tyler than Logan at that point.

Meanwhile, Logan was torn about whether or not he wanted to explore anything with any of the five new women. At first he held back, even after that Aaron Clancy told him that Sarah Hamrick was interested in him. “I want to have fun, but I also can’t help but think about how to handle the Shanae situation,” Logan explained. “Shanae and I have a very strong connection. She is someone I am happy with and is the person I want to be with. So I’m not looking for dates anymore and I think she feels the same way. I’m confident there won’t be much that can mess up our relationship.”

shanae ankney logan palmer
Shanae gives Logan her rose at the second rose ceremony. (ABC)

Logan had no idea that Shanae was in the middle of a date with another guy at that moment. “I’m super in my head,” he said Andrew Spencer. “I feel a sense of loyalty to Shanae because she chose me [at the rose ceremony]. I struggle with this appreciation and loyalty to… what would she do if she was in this position I’m in? I didn’t come out with an answer on the other side. I’m still juggling.” Andrew reminded Logan that before the last rose ceremony, Shanae was openly having an affair with James Bonsall, as well as Logan. She ended up giving Logan the rose, but had kissed James in front of him just hours before.

So, when Sarah got a date card and asked Logan to go with her, he decided to accept. “I’m excited. I’m flattered. But I’m also scared of ruining something I had with Shanae,” Logan admitted. “I need to get out of my head. I need to be able to put my worries about Shanae aside and Be Sarah and I’ll figure it out when I get back.”

Logan and Sarah went horseback riding and then had a date on the beach, where they started making out in the water just as Shanae and Tyler were in the pool. “I’m scared to even hold this girl’s hand because I don’t know what it will do to my relationship with Shanae,” Logan said. “But I had to watch her date someone for four days and it was right in my face. I don’t know where it’s going [with Sarah], but I need to have a wide angle of everyone in the picture and be able to point to one person and say, ‘I’m sure of you.’ I gave Shanae that chance and I’m giving myself that chance too.”

As the day went on, Logan was less in his head and told Sarah he was excited to be on the date with her. Back on the beach, he also opened up to some of the guys about how he felt. “I just had a great one-on-one,” he shared. “I’m so glad I did it. I got to share things about myself and learn from her. She is a good girl. Sarah’s potion.” However, we will have to see what happens when Logan and Shanae are brought back together next week!


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