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  • Zachary Quinto is an actor best known for his roles in the American Horror Story series.
  • He has not been in a public relationship since 2019.
  • Some of his past boyfriends include Jonathan Groff and Miles McMillan.

Zachary Quinto, 45, has had an active dating life since stepping into the limelight. From co-actor Jonathan Groff modeling Miles McMillanthe American Horror Story star caused all kinds of speculation while being romantically involved with various hunks, and although he tried to keep his love life as private as possible, there was always a lot of interest in it. He once spoke about his struggles when it came to dating and attributed the difficulty to losing his father at a young age.

“I found myself in a pattern of being attracted to people who were somehow unavailable, and what I realized was that I was protecting myself because I equated the idea of ​​connection and love with trauma and death,” he said in a 2012 interview with From Magazine. “I had to do a lot of work on the couch to actually get to a place where I could arrive at a relationship with someone who was actually capable of being in one — and it took a lot of trial and error. And I still working on all that stuff – it will never stop.”

Learn more about Zachary’s past boyfriends below!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Although it has never been officially confirmed, Zachary is said to have dated an actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson in 2010. Jesse is best known for his role in the television series Modern Family from 2009 to 2020. Zachary reunited with him with his other ex, Jonathan, when they performed at the Public Theater’s Manhattan Gala in 2014. They posed together for a silly photo showing their smiles and happiness with the circumstance of showed each other.

Jonathan Groff

Zachary Quinto, Jonathan Groff
Zachary and Jonathan during a field trip. (

Zachary started dating Jonathan in 2010, a year before he came out publicly as gay. Jonathan is known for his acting roles on stage and in television and film. Some of his most popular roles included those in the original Broadway production of Spring Awakeningthe 2015 production of Hamilton and the FOX television series, Glee. “I’m incredibly happy, I’m incredibly happy,” he said From Magazine about his relationship with Jonathan in 2012.

The lovebirds were apparently together until around 2013 and a source said USWeekly it was their busy schedules that led to the breakup. “Zach being away and filming wasn’t easy for them,” the source explained. “Now he’s going to be in New York with his new play [The Glass Menagerie]. They loved each other very much, so it was not an easy separation.”

Two years later, Jonathan talked about dating Zachary as well as Gavin Creel. “I feel like the nice thing about dating actors is that they understand the schedules involved or that they have to leave for three months to shoot something and all that,” Jonathan said in a 2015 interview with FourTwoNine. “But when I dated Gavin and I dated Zach, it was more about the people they were instead of the actors they were, which is the same about the non-actors I dated. It’s about them as people and not about any careers or jobs they have.”

The exes reunited when Jonathan appeared on Broadway Hamilton and they posed together for a smiling photo, proving their friendship is still going strong.

Miles McMillan

Zachary Quinto, Miles McMillan
Zachary and Miles pose together at an event. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Zachary began dating model and painter Miles in the summer of 2013. They got serious and moved into a place together in New York City in 2015. By 2017, there were rumors of an engagement after Zachary shared a photo of himself with a silver ring on his left ring finger. Miles is skilled at his job and even won the Daily Front Row’s “Model of the Year” at the Fashion Media Awards in 2016.

Unlike some of Zachary’s other relationships, his romance with Miles was much more public and not only did they attend public events together, including some holding hands on the red carpet, they also posted about each other on social media. However, by 2019, the couple had split and a source said it was a mutual decision. “They split amicably earlier this year,” the source said PEOPLE in February 2019.


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