Chetan Sharma’s fate hangs in the balance, Debasish Mohanty’s tenure ends soon as BCCI likely to reject selection panel | Cricket News


NEW DELHI: National selection committee chairman Chetan Sharma‘s fate hangs in the balance as the BCCI may soon reject the senior panel after the T20 World Cup in Australia.
It is an open secret that Chetan and his panel’s performance and consistency in selection has been below par of late and unless India perform very well, it could be curtains for India’s first hat-trick in 50 innings World Cup.
“A lot will depend on how India does at the T20 World Cup. There are not too many people who are very happy with Chetan at the moment. But he will stay until BCCI chooses the new Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC),” a senior BCCI official said.
While it will be an anxious wait for Chetan, East Zone’s Debasish Mohanty in a few months time will have to make way for someone else as he will complete a cumulative four years in junior and senior selection panels.
“The rule that applied with Kuruvilla Abbey will also apply to Debu Mohanty. Debu was inducted into junior panel by the COA in early 2019 and he served for two years till 2021 before being upgraded to senior panel after Devang Gandhi completed his tenure,” a senior BCCI official told PTI on condition of anonymity .
In a few months, Mohanty completes his four years, so he will have to move on. Whether he will be relieved of his duties before the completion of four years or after, is the question.
However, in the East there are not too many eligible Test cricketers who can be handed the job. The two names that fit the bill are former opener Shiv Sunder Das of Odisha and Bengal’s Deep Dasgupta.
There is news doing the rounds that Ranadeb Bose, a junior national selector, could be in the fray, but he is yet to play an official match for India. There are former ODI players Laxmi Ratan Shukla of Bengal and Sanjay Raul of Odisha, who are eligible. Subroto Banerjeecoach of current Indian pacer Umesh Yadav could also be a candidate.
Similarly, after Kuruvilla moved to the operational work of BCCI since he completed four years (including three years in the junior panel), the West zone selection seat remained vacant which will have to be filled.
Last time, Ajit Agarkar had the best and most decorated resume among all applicants, but objections from his own state unit, Mumbai Cricket Association, became a hurdle.
The only person who can survive despite non-performance is Karnataka man and South Zone candidate Sunil Joshi.


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