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“I don’t want to know what life would be like without you,” sings Malachi Gagnon on “Without You,” the latest song from this teenage pop artist. In the music video, out today, Malachi channels this sensation of longing, this feeling of “losing someone we love,” into a heartfelt music video. “My dream,” Malachi said when he first shared the song, “is this [“Without You”] will bring hope and words to hearts facing that struggle or be a song that affirms the love that strong relationships already have! We all have someone we don’t want to do this life without.”

The new music video is the latest step in Malachi’s musical journey. Born in a small town in New Hampshire, the now Tampa, Florida-based singer parlayed his love of music into a budding career. Malachi first developed his skills by singing in church, and started learning guitar during the pandemic. With a six-string and dynamic voice, Malachi soon found a following online, leading to the release of his debut single, “Psychopath.” More than one million streams later, he dropped “Craving Me” and “Without You.”

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“I really didn’t think anyone would listen. It’s a hobby that has become a dream,” Malachi said. But every dream starts somewhere, and Gagnon delivered Hollywood Life An EXCLUSIVE look at the songs that inspired him, giving an inside look at how he cultivated his voice and vulnerable songwriting style.

Morgan Wallen, “Warning”

[Morgan Wallen] really inspired a lot of my style. I love that he mixed the modern “chill-pop” feel with a country vibe, and that’s definitely what I’m going for. Morgan has such a wonderful way of bringing it to life.

Shawn Mendes, “Stitches”

“Stitches” is a song I’ve been listening to for a while. The vulnerable writing style appeals to me. i feel like [Shawn Mendes’] songs tell stories like country music often does with a pop feel.

Post Malone’s “Circles”

“Circles” has a very simple-yet-complex feel. It has such a cool vibe. It also has my favorite chord, Cmaj7, and a chord progression that is super jazzy and “vibey”.

Jordan Davis, “Singles You Up”

Jordan Davis and its writers are so good at representing a feeling perfectly. “Singles you up” showcases their talent 100% and inspired my writing style a lot.

Olivia Rodrigo, “Traitor”

Olivia Rodrigo “Traitor” is one example from her album Acid where her writing is consistently so vulnerable. Basically the whole album is a journal entry placed over an incredible sounding track. That album is fire.

Justin Bieber, “Love Yourself”

Justin Bieber is someone who obviously influenced my style. “Love yourself” is definitely my favorite song of his. Talk directly to the person the song is about within the song is quite cruel. I like that.

Harry Styles, “Late Night Talking”

Harry Styles is an acquired taste. I love his music! It’s so different, and like nothing I’ve ever heard. “Late Night Talking” is just one of my many favorites of Harry’s songs. I don’t think it’s possible to listen to that song without dancing a little.

Sam Hunt, “Miss You”

That of Sam Hunt “Make You Miss Me,” in my opinion, is lyrically genius. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times, and every time I still shake my head at how good the lyrics are.


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The Kid Laroi, “Thousand Miles”

“Thousand Miles” by The Kid Laroi is a song that has a mix of the acoustic pop vibe while adding the trap beat (which I like to use). The Kid Laroi did so well with this one, he’s definitely one of the best out there right now – super original.

Charlie Puth, “No More Drama”

Last, but certainly not least, “No More Drama” by Charlie Puth is one of the songs on his new album [CHARLIE] what I’m obsessed with. Charlie did something I’ve never done and made all his songs on social media… (specifically Tik Tok). And in doing that, I saw how he made these songs. One used the sound of a light switch, and this one has a door cracking. His style of making his songs inspired me to hear music in everyday things. From random things that make a drum sound to a glass that shatters. Music is everywhere!


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