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Four years ago, Michael Myers reclaimed his throne as the horror world’s top villain with the massive success of 2018 Halloween. That movie did so well at the box office that it spawned two sequels – 2021’s Halloween kills and this year’s Halloween End, which is supposed to be the final film in the 44-year franchise. And if it is in fact the last Halloween movie we’ll ever get (it probably won’t — let’s be real), then we won’t complain. Halloween ends ended the franchise on a high note and gave Jamie Lee Curtis‘ iconic final girl Laurie Strode the ending she deserves.

Rohan Campbell
Rohan Campbell in ‘Halloween Ends’ (Photo: Everett)

Halloween ends starting with a very well crafted cold open. On Halloween 2019, babysitter Corey (Rohan Campbell) watches a young boy as the boy’s parents attend a party in the street. Corey and the boy enjoy watching scary movies together, but the night takes a terrifying turn when the boy dies from a terrible fall and Corey is blamed for it.

Three years later, in modern-day Haddonfield, Laurie is writing a book and living with her granddaughter Allyson (Andy Matichak), and actually enjoy life. Michael clearly killed her daughter (Judy Greer) four years ago (in Halloween Death), but he has not been seen since.

Laurie tries to move on with her life, but the town blames her for the past bloodshed Michael caused. The town also bullies Corey, even after he is acquitted of manslaughter, so she befriends him. After all, they’ve both seen their fair share of trauma. But after a while, Laurie sees something in Corey’s eyes that she once saw in Michael’s. And she especially starts to worry after Corey starts dating Allyson. Things soon boil over and, as usual, things quickly turn violent in Haddonfield on Halloween night.

Rohan Campbell
Rohan Campbell in ‘Halloween Ends’ (Photo: Everett)

The movie throws quite a curveball that we didn’t see coming, and while we kind of liked it, it was quite a risk to tackle something so heavy before the curtain went down. But if you ask us, it paid off in the end. The kills are memorable, there’s respect for the franchise in general (even some nods to Halloween III: Season of the Witch), and Laurie’s final fight with Michael will have you cheering one second and gasping the next. It may not be the strongest entry in the long-running franchise, but Halloween ends is now one of our favorites Halloween movies.

Halloween ends is now in theaters everywhere and streaming on Peacock.


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