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As Halloween quickly approaches Harry Styles28, is “totally invested” in helping Olivia Wilde38, is preparing her children’s costumes, a source close to the singer said Hollywood Life EXCLUSIVELY. “Harry gets on well with Olivia’s children [Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6] they love him very much. “As mature as Harry is for his age, he’s also a kid at heart, especially when it comes to Halloween,” they said. “He’s totally invested in helping Otis and Daisy with their Halloween costumes and he’s already bought them a bunch of stuff.”

olivia wilde
Harry Styles helps Olivia Wilde prepare her children’s Halloween costumes. (MEGA)

The pal even said that no matter how many times the kids swap costume ideas, Harry doesn’t care! “They’re at the age where they keep changing their minds, which Harry thinks is hysterical. Some guys might get annoyed, but not Harry, his resources are unlimited so he just keeps getting more stuff sent to them, it’s so sweet,” the insider concluded. Olivia shares her two children with her ex, Jason Sudeikis47.

A secondary source close to both Harry and the Don’t worry Darling director told us that the duo is looking forward to having a “normal routine” after being busy promoting their movie. “Olivia and Harry are looking forward to spending some quality time together in LA when he runs there [at the Forum Oct. 23 – Nov. 15] because they will be able to get a bit of a normal routine. After so much time on the road, it’s a nice break,” they shared.

olivia kids
Olivia Wilde shares her two children with ex, Jason Sudeikis. (SplashNews)

And they also talked about how much the “Watermelon Sugar” singer loves the spooky holiday. “Harry will be in town for Halloween, he’s got a show that night and always dresses up, so it’s been a big focus, figuring out what he’ll be wearing on stage,” the pal noted. “Olivia’s kids are crazy about Halloween right now, so they’re all having fun coming up with costume ideas.”

What’s more, the source revealed that amidst the 28-year-old’s busy film schedule, his girlfriend is a great support system. “Harry’s movie [My Policeman] is out October 21, he has a lot on his plate with it and Olivia has been a rock for him. She knows the business so well, it’s great for him to have her to lean on and go to for advice.” Along with this year’s Don’t worry DarlingOlivia also directed the hit old-school film, Book smart (2019).

The Drinking buddies star was previously in a relationship with the Ted Lasso actor from 2011 to 2020. Olivia and her ex started dating in 2011 and were engaged by 2013, but they called it quits in 2020. For the Nov. Elle cover story, she opened up to the store about their custody arrangements. “I share custody of my children with my ex. If I’m not photographed with my kids, people assume I’ve abandoned them, like my kids are just in a hot car somewhere without me,” Olivia said. “The suggestion is that I have abandoned my role as a mother. Do you know why you don’t see me with my children? Because I don’t let them be photographed. Do you know what I do to protect my children from being seen by you?”


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