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George Clooney61, and Julia Roberts, 54, gave fans an understandable reason why they never considered dating after years of knowing and working together in a new interview. The actor and actress admitted that it never occurred to them because they were both in relationships during the times they were filming together and they always considered each other friends. “Not dating each other? I don’t think we needed to state that,” said Julia when asked if she and George ever had a “no dating policy.”

“It just seemed like the right thing to do,” she added. “Julia was always in a relationship,” George then replied. “Or I was in a relationship, and we were instant fast friends. And so, it was nothing, it was nothing but fun for us. So, I don’t think it was ever really anything.”

Julia and George at a previous red carpet event. (Joel Ryan/AP/Shutterstock)

“Yeah, it was never like ‘Hello,'” Julia then playfully told George in a flirtatious manner before he responded with, “Hey, ooo, let’s take it to another level.” They couldn’t help but laugh at their comments, showcasing their cute and friendly bond.

George and Julia’s comments about dating come after talking about older parents. The mother and father appeared on the Today shows to promote their film earlier this week, and George, who is the father of twins Alexander and Ella, 5, joked that he’s glad he’ll be “out of it” when his daughter is old enough to date. “I kind of like the idea of ​​being kind of outside, when my daughter starts dating,” he said.

Julia Roberts, George Clooney
Julia and George on another occasion. (ANL/Shutterstock)

“‘Papa, I want you to meet…he’s a drummer in a band,'” he jokingly continued, referring to what it might be like when Ella introduces him to a romantic interest. “‘What? I like toast,'” he added, referring to what his future response would be. Julia, who is the mother of children, Henry15, and twins Phineas and Hazel17, explained that she feels their children chose them at the right time.

“The truth is … no matter how old we are – George is the oldest of us – they have chosen us at this moment to be their stewards and their shepherds in this life experience,” she explained. “I met [husband Danny Moder] when I was ready,” she continued to tell George. “You met [wife Amal Clooney] when you were ready. And then we call these children into our lives when we are ready to work best with them.”


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