Did Elon Musk talk to Putin before presenting the peace proposal? claims the US news outlet



Ian Bremer, chairman of Eurasia Group, claims that Elon Musk has spoken with Putin
Elon Musk informed Bremer about the possible risk of a nuclear attack
Musk said no one should trust Bremer

Washington, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who tweeted a peace proposal regarding the Ukraine-Russia war, has been accused of a grand bargain. According to the report of the American Vice News website, Elon Musk had a direct conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin before presenting the peace proposal. This Vice report states that Eurasia Group Chairman Ian Bremer claimed that the Tesla CEO told him that he had spoken to both Putin and the Kremlin regarding Ukraine. Bremer also said that Putin is ready for negotiations, but only if Crimea remains part of Russia and Ukraine accepts Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye as part of Russia.

According to Bremer, Musk said that Putin told him that those goals would be achieved at all costs, even at the possible risk of a nuclear attack. Bremer further wrote that Tesla’s CEO told him that everything needed to be done to avoid those consequences. Let us tell you that while presenting the peace proposal, Musk conducted a Twitter poll through his official Twitter account, calling for an end to Russian operations in Ukraine. The Tesla CEO shared some ideas to resolve the conflict, asking his followers to vote yes or no on his suggestions. This proposal also included formal permission to annex Crimea to Russia.

Musk said: Bremer is lying
Responding to Bremer’s tweet on Twitter, Musk said that no one should trust Bremer. However, Musk did not reveal other details. His answer has now been liked by more than 61,000 people on Twitter.

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