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On the October 11 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Catelyn Lowell invited all the moms to go on a glamping trip in Florida to celebrate Amber Portwood‘s birthday. Everyone was pretty game for it, though Ashley Jones have since decided not to go Bar Smith just got out of rehab two days before. She also has lingering beef Briana Jesus and Jade Clinefollow the final Teen Mom 2 reunionso everyone felt that this may have played a factor in her decision not to attend the festivities, but no one pushed the issue and everyone respected Ashley’s choice.

However, Ashley wasn’t the only one Briana and Jade felt strange about starting the trip. Follow the Teen Mom 2 reunion, where Briana and Jade bad mouthed each other Kailyn Lowry, Leah knife took to social media and called them “mean girls”. And that was after Leah filmed Teen Mom: Family Reunion with the girls and they all agreed not to blast each other on social media – no matter what issues might arise. Briana and Jade felt like Leah wasn’t holding up her end of the bargain, so they confronted her after everyone gathered in Florida.

Sitting around a fire late at night, Briana told Leah that she felt their relationship was “forced” and she didn’t want to be in a friendship that had to be “forced.” So Lea asked what she could do to make things better. “I am open to a good conversation. Whatever it is that’s on your chest — let me know. The way I want to talk to you about it — I want to be transparent,” Leah said.

Briana then said that she and Leah had already “discussed” the issue privately in direct messages, so she was just saying how she felt about Leah in general, after the incident at the reunion.

“What was the DM conversation?” Cheyenne Floyd asked, to which viewers learned that Leah felt “disrespected on stage” during the reunion. Briana said they could have talked about it while they were together in person, but Leah didn’t feel like that was an option. However, Briana couldn’t agree more as she said that Leah gave her a hug after the reunion was filmed. Then, months later, when the reunion aired on TV, Leah took to social media to blast Briana and Jade for their behavior on stage.

“I feel like I can’t get close to you like I can with everyone else,” Briana told Leah before Jade said it was the “ultimate betrayal” for Leah to blast them on Instagram after the entire cast of Teen Mom: Family Reunion “Made a pact” not to talk bad about each other online.

Leah said she took it to social media because it’s her “outlet,” but Cheyenne didn’t like that answer and she agreed that “out of everyone” on the trip to Florida, Leah was “the hardest to learn know”.

Leah apologized for making her feelings public and said her intentions were “pure”. She also said that she hopes that they can build better relationships moving forward, after which Briana said that they will “see where it goes”.

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