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Bella Hadid done with keeping quiet Kanye West‘s horrific Anti-Semitic social media posts that caused the rapper to be banned from Twitter and Instagram, as well as the recent nasty comments he recently made about her sister Gigi Hadid, 27. On Oct. 11, Bella, 26, took to Instagram to share her thoughts on his recent behavior with her 55.7 million followers. Although she didn’t mention Kanye by name, it was an obvious response to his recent racist outburst. Bella began her message by letting her fans know that due to his unacceptable behavior, she was unable to enjoy her birthday, which was on October 9.

Bella Hadid Instagram

“To say that for the past two days it hasn’t been difficult to celebrate my birthday or not to think about the things posted on the street or said on public platforms, I wouldn’t be lying,” the supermodel captioned her post. start with . “To let any form of Anti-Semitism slip by as callously as the world has become would be a disservice to my friends, the families I grew up with, the people I love and work with , myself, and even the Palestinian cause as a whole. Because what we stand for is NOT hate or violence. I will continue to be a voice for the innocent victims, no matter who you are or where you come from.”

Bella Hadid

In another section of her post, what Hollywood Life Bella told her followers to “speak up” against racism. “There is a point where we all have to speak. No matter what. If you feel something is wrong in your heart, speak up. There are people I love in this world, people who happen to be Jewish, who feel scared by the words that were used. They feel targeted. They feel restless and they feel confused. There is generational trauma that comes to the fore. If you see someone saying something Anti-Semitic, or hostile towards anyone who might be different from them, call them out. If they act on hate, call them out. Each. Time. Let there be no place for that kind of behavior in this world. To separate us would be the greatest downfall of all. We must always stand together.”

Bella Hadid Instagram

As reported, Kanye was banned from both Twitter and Instagram this week after posting anti-Semitic comments, sparking extreme backlash from fans and celebrities alike. Kanye tweeted that he was going to “kill the death of Jewish people”, which is a military term meaning to “increase in force readiness beyond normal readiness”. It would be used in situations that “do not present an immediate danger but do warrant a significant warning.” Kanye went on to say that “black people can’t be Anti-Semitic because they’re actually Jewish too.” In addition to his racist rant on Twitter, Kanye took to Instagram and shared a text with Diddy, who told him to “stop playing these games.” Kanye replied: “This is not a game. I’m using you as an example to show the Jewish people who told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me. I told you this is war,” read the text shared on Instagram. Kanye captioned the post, “Jesus is a Jew.”

One week earlier, Kanye inappropriately berated Bella’s sister Gigi, who was the first celebrity to call out Kanye for his now-infamous “White Lives Matter” shirts worn at Paris Fashion Week. In the post, Kanye shared a TikTok video posted by Azealia Banks. In the post she wrote: “You are the cabbage patch. She is the Barbie. You are the cabbage patch. She’s Marcia and you’re Jan..” the confrontation between Ye and Gigi started after Gigi wrote a post saying Kanye is a “bully” and a “joke” for his verbal attack on Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson31, who said his shirts were “dangerous” and “violent”.


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