The protest against the hijab in Iran now intensifies. The former president’s daughter is arrested


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Faizeh is the daughter of former president Ali Akbar Hashmi Rafsanjani. (Photo: News Nation)

Main points

  • The daughter of Ali Akbar Hashmi Rafsanjani, Faizeh, is arrested for inciting riots
  • 20-year-old Hadith, who opposed hijab laws, dies from police shooting
  • The anti-hijab movement in Iran is getting support from high-profile people


The anti-hijab movement in Iran is becoming more violent with each passing day. In this episode, 20-year-old Hadith Najafi, who took to the streets wearing open hair and Western clothing to protest the hijab laws, was shot dead by Iranian police. Hadith’s neck, face and abdomen were hit by six bullets fired by Iranian police. In another great action Iran Police have arrested Faizeh Hashmi, the former president’s daughter, on charges of plotting to protest against the hijab laws and inciting riots. Meanwhile, in the data published by the government of Iran, it is said that hijab So far 41 people have died from police firing on agitators who are spreading anarchy in the country under the guise of laws. The Iranian human rights organization based in Oslo has said otherwise that so far 76 agitators have been victims of Iranian police bullets. There have been demonstrations in many countries against Iran’s hijab laws.

Faizeh is accused of inciting the rebels
Protests against hijab laws in Iran have now turned violent. In this episode, late on Tuesday evening, Faizeh Hashmi, the 59-year-old daughter of former president Ali Akbar Hashmi Rafsanjani, was arrested for conspiracy to ‘incite the rebels’. Faizeh’s arrest is a major sign that protests against the hijab laws and police crackdown on agitators are now beginning to gain support from high-profile Iranians. Although the Iranian Police has not made it clear how Faizeh Hashmi incited the violence, but at the moment many celebrities have started to support the hijab movement in Iran. Significantly, the movement has turned violent since September 16 following the detention of Kurdish girl Masah Amini in Tehran under hijab laws and her subsequent death in police custody.

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Faizeh is a strong opponent of the Iranian government’s policies
The daughter of former MP and Ali Akbar Hashmi Rafsanjani, Faizeh Hashmi, is usually seen wearing a long Islamic dress. Faizeh was arrested earlier in 2009 for agitating against government policies. Even this year he was arrested for anti-government attitude and insulting Islamic traditions. Faizeh was said to have insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Now Faizeh has been arrested for inciting rebels in the ongoing movement against the Hijab laws. Faizeh’s father, Ali Akbar Hashmi Rafsanjani, was president of Iran twice and died in 2017.

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The police fired six bullets at 20-year-old Hadith
With Faizeh’s arrest, a photo and video of Hadith Najafi, a 20-year-old with fair hair and western clothing, is going viral on social media in Iran. It is alleged that Hadith was shot dead by Iranian police for opposing hijab laws. Hadith suffered a total of six bullets. Protests against hijab laws have intensified in Iran over the past two weeks following the handover of Masa Amini’s body. Not only that, there have been demonstrations against the hijab laws outside the Iranian embassy in many countries, including Canada. After that, the government of Iran has presented a strong opposition to the governments of these countries.

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