NASA’s Dart mission successfully hit asteroid didymos dimorphos


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Main points

  • For the first time, the Dart mission has been a complete success
  • The Dart Didymos mission collides with the asteroid moon Dimorphos
  • Efforts are being made to change the speed and direction of the asteroid


NASA is a huge success. For the first time a test of planetary protection, ie. The Dart mission has been a complete success. Now in the future, it will be able to help prevent the attack of the Double Asteroid hovering on the earth. With this technique, the soil can be saved. According to scientists, the greatest threat to the earth in the future is climate change and asteroids. Under the Dart mission, the spacecraft collided with Dimorphos, the moon-like rock of the asteroid Didymos, on September 27, 2022, at 4.45 am. Dart means mission accomplished. In this, the spacecraft hit the asteroid. In what direction Dimorphos went, his records are not yet forthcoming.

The Dart mission collided with the asteroid Didymos’ moon Dimorphos. If Dimorphos changes its direction and orbit, then any kind of danger on Earth can be dealt with in the future. The Dart mission spacecraft hit Dimorphos at a speed of about 22,530 kilometers per hour. Before impact, the Dart mission also investigated the atmosphere, soil, rock and structure of Dimorphos and the asteroid Didymos.

The diameter of Didymos is about 2,600 feet. Dimorphos revolves around him. Its diameter is 525 feet. After the collision, searches will be made for the change in direction with the speed of both stones. NASA has found many such near-Earth objects that could collide with it. That is, such stones that can threaten the earth. Some of them are larger than 460 feet in diameter. If every stone falls to the ground, then it has the ability to destroy a state of America.

This mission was also historic because it is the first time that an attempt is being made to change the speed and direction of an asteroid. Success has also been found in doing this. A video has also been published in this regard. In this, the NASA team was observing this collision. As soon as the crash happened in the video, there was a wave of happiness among NASA scientists and its personnel.

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First published: 27 September 2022, 07:16:23.

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