US Can’t Afford to Leave Pakistan: Report


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What the United States and Pakistan should build is a modest, not exaggerated, but practical relationship based on mutual respect for each other’s interests. This information is provided in the local media report. According to a Dawn report, a dozen US scholars on South Asian affairs associated with the Pakistan Study Group (PSG) prepared the report. The paper warns US policymakers that they cannot afford to walk away from a country that spans three main regions – South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East – and borders China and Iran and is closer to Russia.

Authors include a former US secretary of state for South Asia, two former US ambassadors to Pakistan, a former Pakistani ambassador to the US and other senior diplomats working in Pakistan and US scholars with expertise in South Asia.

According to this letter, a modest and practical relationship between the US and Pakistan would include the understanding that Pakistan and the US will continue to see Afghanistan from different angles, but will continue to maintain peace there and alleviate the suffering of his people. cooperate in

It also reminds US policymakers that attitudes toward India, both at elite and popular levels in Pakistan, will change gradually at best. The report also noted that public opinion in both the US and Pakistan act as constraints on bilateral relations.

However, according to the Dawn report, the US could push Pakistan to change its overall strategic calculus, based on Pakistan’s understanding of its security environment. The paper acknowledges that the US and Pakistan have different views on China and recommends a more nuanced US policy towards Pakistan.

First published: October 05, 2022, 2:58:04 PM

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