Suicide attack on education center in Kabul leaves dead


Nation News Bureau Edited by: Nihar Saxena Updated on: September 30, 2022, 12:50:10 p.m

ISKP attacks increased after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. (Photo: News Nation)

Main points

  • The attack in the area dominated by the Shia-Hajra minority, Dashte Barçi
  • Even before that, IS-KP has carried out many attacks in this area.
  • According to hospital sources, more than 36 people were injured in the attack.


A suicide bomber attacked a school in the Shia-dominated Hajra area of ​​Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, this morning. At least 24 people are reported to have died from this, most of whom are said to be students. Information about the injury of dozens of others also comes to the fore. At 7:30 a.m. local time, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Kaj school in Dashte Barchi, a Shia-dominated area, according to Kabul police spokesman Khalid Zadran. In a tweet, the NGO Afghan Peace Watch claimed that the attacker blew himself up after reaching the students. Currently, police have refused to provide further information, but the Islamic State’s Khorasan province is believed to be behind the suicide terror attack, which targeted the Shia-Hajra minority community.

Terrorist attacks intensify as one year of Taliban rule comes to an end
This suicide attack came days after the attack in Kabul’s Wazir Akbar Khan area. This was followed by a terrorist attack outside the Russian embassy in Kabul, which had a strong reaction around the world. Such terrorist attacks have intensified since the Taliban completed one year of re-governing Afghanistan. Although no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack so far, it is believed to be behind the Islamic State-Khorasan province, which is a major rival of the Taliban. The reason for this is that the Kaj school is located in the Shia-Hajra minority community area. Even before that, IS-KP has carried out many terrorist attacks in Dashte Barçi. After the attack, Taliban Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul Nafi Taqor said his team reached the scene and was conducting further investigations.

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Hospital sources fear an increase in the death toll
The injured were taken to other hospitals, including Ali Jinah Hospital. At least 24 people were killed and 36 wounded in the attack, according to doctor Abdu Ghias Mohamed from Jinah Hospital. Most of the victims are female students. According to Taiba Mehtarekhil, an eyewitness to the terrorist attack, most of the female students died in the attack. Significantly, terrorist attacks targeting the minority Shia-Hajra community have begun to fuel local anger against the Taliban. The minority community claims that the Taliban have failed to protect their community. Hospital sources say that the number of victims may rise further.

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The Taliban are oppressing women and girls
Significantly, after recapturing Kabul in August last year, the Taliban have imposed strict restrictions on women and girls. Not only this, the Taliban are preventing the media from covering such incidents through intimidation. People are forcibly taken into custody and tortured. The global community is also criticizing the Taliban regime for this. Especially in relation to the frequent violations of human rights. In this one year, the Taliban have ignored the minority Shia-Hajra community, while the Islamic State’s Khorasan province has repeatedly targeted them. Earlier in Dashte Barçi, many people lost their lives in two ISKP terrorist attacks.

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