Shark attacks woman, boyfriend saves her life by boxing Great white shark attacks women, luckily she was saved by her boyfriend


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The white shark attacked the women, luckily she was saved by her boyfriend (Photo: Twitter/60MinutesAustralia)

Main points

  • Woman injured by shark attack
  • treatment for two years
  • Cantel will now fight to save the shark

New Delhi:

Australia is a country. People are brave. It’s fun to play with risks. This is why people risk surfing even by entering the shark zone. But taking that risk was overshadowed by a female boxer. Because when she was surfing in deep water (sliding quickly with the help of the board in the water), then a shark attacked her. The shark was young, but it was extremely dangerous. He put the surfer’s foot in his mouth and was quickly grabbing it when punches started raining down. Think, standing in the water and hating sharks. Even though the little shark was white. He wasn’t very angry. So he released the female surfer and she went back into the deep water.

Boxer’s boxing came to save lives

This accident happened to Cantel (37 years old). She used to be a boxer and her boyfriend is also involved in boxing. Boxing used to be part of their routine lives. In such a situation, as soon as the shark grabbed Kantel, she screamed and the boyfriend started hitting the shark himself. In the meantime, the attendants came nearby and took Cantel to the hospital. This accident happened in New South Wales, Australia. And it was in one of the many Shark attacks. However, Cantel is now fighting to protect sharks because she has realized that we humans have interfered in the lives of other creatures.

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… this case is two years old

Yes, this issue is two years old. But now back in the headlines, when Cantell is ready to box for Sandhya who saved the Australian marines. The money received in this will also be used for the protection of sharks. In fact, Cantell still hasn’t recovered from that Baby Shark attack. He is in the hospital. His leg (leg) was badly damaged due to the shark getting stuck in his teeth. The cuff is that part, which is the space between the knee and the heel. And often because of the tension on the nerves in it, players have injuries from coffee. It is considered very bad. So Kantel has been in hospital for two years with a cough injury and now she will start walking-training in the next 12 weeks. So that he can contribute to the campaign to save these sharks.

There are few great white sharks left in the world

Cantell says he shouldn’t have been surfing that spot. Because that’s where the shark is. They are dangerous in the water, but now there are few left in the world. In such a situation, she will now fight to save the shark and would like people to take care of other creatures as well, protect them and not invade their areas.

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