Nearly 60 Mexican Students Mysteriously Sick In South Mexico 60 Schoolchildren Sick, Very Seriously, From ‘Mass Poisoning’


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The third mass poisoning incident at the school in two weeks. (Photo: News Nation)

Main points

  • The third poisoning incident at the Mexican community school
  • Chiapas community school children fell ill on Friday
  • Before that, the children who were sick collectively in two schools


At a rural high school in Chiapa, southern Mexico, about 60 children in the group became ill after being exposed to an unknown poison. According to local media, this is the third incident of students falling ill in Chiapa schools in the last two weeks after eating toxic food. Because of this, there is not only an atmosphere of fear among schoolchildren, but also anger among parents towards frequent cases of poisoning. According to Mexico’s Social Security Institute, the teenage students from a community school in the rural area of ​​Bocil were taken to a local hospital. All students had symptoms of poisoning. Seeing the serious condition of many students, they have been sent for treatment to the capital’s hospital.

chaos in hospitals
Currently, the local administration does not want to speculate about its reasons, but according to local media, some parents blame toxic food or water behind it. Bokil’s local leaders have expressed deep anger over these incidents. In addition, they demand an inquiry from the government to investigate the incidents that happen repeatedly at the school. Videos are increasingly being shared on social media of adults running around hospitals holding children in school uniforms in an atmosphere of chaos.

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Suspicion of giving drugs to children
On Saturday, the government prosecutor’s office issued a statement saying that more than 15 toxicological tests of water and food items available at schools have been conducted and all have come back negative. No traces of any kind of drugs were found among the children. Earlier in the local and social media it was reported that traces of cocaine were found in the stomach during the investigation of the school students. On Saturday, dozens of parents gathered at the high school’s basketball court, demanding answers from the administration. The police force was also present during this.

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The administration is not giving a clear reason
In one video, the parent says her child has been poisoned. She tested positive for cocaine in a test conducted at a private laboratory. It was the same with the other students of the school. The Public Prosecution has said that it will continue testing the children. However, the prosecution refused to answer questions about similar mysterious incidents that had emerged since September 23. According to local media, there have been two incidents of mass poisoning in the city of Tapachula, where dozens of children have fallen ill.

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First published: October 09, 2022, 10:52:28 PM

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