NASA has shared a shocking picture of a solar flare, told what is happening to the Earth



NASA has released a stunning image of a solar flare
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the incident
The space agency also provided information about the impact of the solar flare on Earth.

New York. The US space agency NASA has published beautiful photos of solar flares emanating from the surface of the sun on social networks. NASA recorded a powerful burst of energy from the sun into space on Sunday. Giving data, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reported that a strong solar flare from the Sun occurred on October 2. NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory managed to photograph this event.

NASA wrote in its post: “Many incidents are continuously happening in space. The Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the solar flares.

What are solar flares?

Solar flares are radiations of magnetic energy that emanate from the surface of the Sun. These volcanoes and solar flares can affect radio communications, power grids, GPS. It can also pose a threat to spacecraft and astronauts. Solar flares are visible bright areas on the Sun’s surface. It can be visible for a few minutes to hours.

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space agency said that the solar flare recorded on October 2 is classified as an “X1 flare”. NASA said the X-class represents the most intense flares, while a number that goes up to nine gives more information about the flare. Also in April, NASA managed to photograph a solar flare with its Solar Dynamics Observatory. Solar flares do not adversely affect humans. They only affect the technology by releasing the magnets.

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