Move out of China and India, this American actor became a father of 10 after being trolled on social media


Washington. If the world talks about population, then people talk about China and India. It is obvious that most people live in these two countries. They say that the people of Asia give birth to the most children. But sir, this famous American actor, comedian and host will change your mindset. The name is Nick Keno. This 41-year-old actor became the father of 10 children. He himself shared this news on social networks.

Neck Canon made a long post on Instagram after becoming the father of his 10th child. He thanked his family for this. Actor, musician and TV host Cannon is in the news for fathering multiple children with different women in a short period of time. The special thing is that Cannon himself said that these children are not born by mistake. Rather, each pregnancy was planned. But people are trolling Canon on social media.

10 children from 6 wives
By the way, Cannon married only one woman. But he had relationships with 6 different women. And every woman became a mother after a relationship with him. His 10th child was born with model Brittany Bell. Brittany became the mother of her third child on September 28. It is said that Cannon is also going to become the father of the 11th child. She has twins with DJ AB de Rosa. Abby is about to become a mother again. He also had a son with model Alyssa Scott. But he died of brain cancer.

now waiting for 11
The question arises as to how Canon takes care of the children as a father. Speaking to USA Today, he said: “If I’m not physically in the same city as my kids, I talk to them on FaceTime before I go to school. Also, if I skip school, I go get it too.

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