Angered by violence against anti-hijab protesters, America is now preparing to impose this severe punishment on Iran



America issued a stern warning to those responsible for violence against protesters in Iran
The US is holding Iranian officials and morality police accountable for the violence
As a result of violent clashes between Iranian forces, the number of victims has reached 41

Washington, US President Joe Biden has expressed serious concern about the repression of people holding peaceful demonstrations in Iran, saying that the perpetrators of the violence will have to face the consequences. Notably, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was detained by the morality police for allegedly not wearing a hijab, and her death sparked nationwide protests. Iranian security forces carried out repressive actions against the protesters.

In a scathing message to Iran, Biden said the Iranian government has denied its people basic freedoms for decades and suppressed the aspirations of future generations through threats, force and violence. America stands with Iranian women and all Iranian citizens who inspire the world with their courage.

He said that the US facilitates access to the Internet for Iranian citizens. The US also prosecutes Iranian officials and organizations such as the morality police for inciting violence to suppress civil society. According to the US president, America will impose sanctions this week on those who use violence against peaceful protesters. The US has made it clear that it will continue to hold Iranian officials accountable and support the Iranian people’s right to free protest.

Biden further said he was deeply concerned about the violent crackdown on peaceful protesters in Iran, including students and women, demanding their rights and basic human dignity.

Iran’s state television reported that the death toll rose to 41 in violent clashes between protesters and Iranian security forces. Human rights organizations claim that a higher number of people have been killed. Local authorities claim to have arrested at least 1,500 people.

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