Throwing the lottery ticket in the trash, he later won the 1.6 crore jackpot with the same lucky number.


Viral news. Lottery is something that can change a person’s luck at any time. You can become an Arabat overnight. But luck does not open for everyone. There are very few lucky people who become rich in the blink of an eye. There are many stories of such rich people in America. Now take this woman, she threw her lottery ticket in the trash. But the game of chance was something else. The ticket he threw made him a millionaire.

An American woman won about 200,000 dollars, that is about 1.6 crore rupees, in the lottery. He threw his lottery ticket in the trash before he could find out the winner. Jacqueline Lee, 60, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials she didn’t know the $5 Hot 5 scratch was a ticket to wean. “Actually, I was going to throw it away,” he said.

started shouting
The woman said she couldn’t believe it, knowing that the ticket she almost threw in the trash bag had won her such a huge prize. He started yelling and screaming before telling his relatives. He said. “I told my daughter about this, but she didn’t believe it either.” The winner of the North Carolina lottery is confident that winning 1.6 million rubles will help him pay off his car loan and cover his expenses.

Last week, a person living in the city of Michigan, USA won the lottery. He told that it was very lucky for him to be sent to the grocery store by his wife. He had won 190,736 dollars in the lottery, that is, about 1.5 million rupees. Preston Mackey, 46, said he would not have bought a lottery ticket if he had not received a text from his wife.

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