The connection between Russia and Crimea was disrupted by a huge explosion on the bridge connecting the two


Nation News Bureau Edited by: Mohit Saxena Updated on: 08 October 2022, 12:17:55


Kerch Bridge connecting Russia and Crimea (Photo Credit: social media)

New Delhi:

An explosion has been reported on the bridge connecting Russia and Crimea. According to media reports, a fire broke out in the fuel tank of a freight train on the Kerch bridge connecting Russia and Crimea on Saturday morning. The fire incident is being seen as a major explosion. However, so far no information has been found about the reason for this. According to media reports, traffic on the road and on the railway bridge was interrupted after the incident. This bridge was opened to the general public in 2018. However, a local official said that the fire broke out in a fuel tank that stood on a part of the Crimean bridge. Long flames of fire were seen on this bridge.

Ukrainian media claim that the explosion took place on the bridge around 6 am today. At the same time, another post on social networks claimed that the fire was so strong that a part of the bridge was severely damaged and some parts of the bridge were flooded. This bridge is being seen as a special achievement of the Putin government.

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First published: October 08, 2022, 11:45:29 PM

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