President Joe Biden pardons thousands of people convicted of marijuana possession in the US


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Main points

  • Thousands of bald people will be released in America
  • People caught with ganja will be released
  • Major criminals will not be exempted

New Delhi:

Marijuana in the US: The number of drug addicts in America is huge. Every drug in the world is found in America, and in America there is a very strict law against all this. The largest drug supply from Mexico is to America, and hundreds of tons of heroin are discovered every year. Punishment is also available. There are thousands of people in American prisons who are addicted to drugs. From this, the American president has ordered the release of all those prisoners who were found with a small amount of ganja, or whose sentence is worth pardoning. There is no exception for smugglers in this.

In the category of drugs like heroin-LSD

Hemp is banned all over the world. But some countries, especially European countries, have lifted the ban on marijuana (Marijuana in the European Union). They believe that its intoxication is not dangerous and can also be used as a sedative. There are different laws about this in the US states as well. But under federal law, it is banned, placing it in the category of drugs like heroin and LSD. However, US President Joe Biden has decided that those in prison because of marijuana should be released. But these must be people who have found a small amount of cannabis and who are personally involved in its use. In this there is no exception for those people who are involved in crime.

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no medicinal value

Defenders of cannabis argue that it is used as a sedative, but scientists have made it clear that pain relief is only an excuse. This does not provide relief, it only creates confusion.

Is the president changing his policy?

Joe Biden has once supported the policy of legalizing cannabis. However, now they are not talking about legalizing ganja, but only about making ganja non-criminal. In such a situation, it is like opening up a new avenue of intoxication for American addicts.

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First published: October 07, 2022, 08:31:49 PM

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