Is NASA taking astronauts on a desert moonwalk? given a great cause



Moonwalk in the Arizona desert October 4-9
Many features of the Arizona desert are consistent with the lunar atmosphere
NASA has selected two astronauts for the mission, Drew Feustel and Xena Cardman

Washington, Astronauts have begun preparations for NASA’s Artemis mission to the Moon. As part of the mission, astronauts will walk in the South Pole region of the Moon, where no human has visited before. Before astronauts head directly to the southern region of the Moon, NASA is preparing to practice it in a simulated lunar environment. This mission will take place October 4-9 in the remote rocky and desert area of ​​SP Crater near Arizona. According to NASA, the Arizona desert has many features consistent with a lunar atmosphere.

four moon walks
The first phase of the mission involves four lunar walks, which will be repeated in the dark of night. NASA believes the situation at night will be just like the South Pole region of the Moon, where less light is visible. For all four lunar walks, NASA selected two astronauts, Drew Feustel and Xena Cardman. Both passengers will walk around a mile in a space suit model. During this time, they will use a variety of moonwalking tools and techniques to collect samples, including foam, hammer and core.

Meanwhile, the flight control team will monitor the mission control center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center to analyze the moonwalk, and the science team will also conduct a real-time analysis of the effects of the moonwalk. The results of this simulated mission will be discussed in depth by the science team, flight management team, crew members and lunar experts. Also, NASA will use the results of these records in the plan for the Artemis mission.

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