America: Two people killed, six injured in serial stabbing


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murder (Photo: social media)

Main points

  • Calls about the attacks started coming in from around 11:40 am on Thursday.
  • It is learned that the condition of three of the injured is critical.
  • The alleged attacker told a woman he was a cook

New Delhi:

In Las Vegas, USA, the attacker stabbed two people to death. Six people were injured there. The crazy attacker suddenly started attacking people one after another. He had injured many people before people realized anything. However, according to the police, the attacker has been arrested. The injured were rushed to the hospital. The condition of three of them is said to be very critical. While the condition of three persons remains stable.

According to eyewitnesses, the attacker attacked people in many places. Some of the victims targeted by the attacker are show girls. She gives to street artists. Police said they started getting calls from the north end of the strip Thursday morning. Around 11:40 a.m., calls for attacks began to come in. But so far there is no information about the suspected attacker. With this, there is no information about the reasons for the attack.

According to media reports, the suspected attacker told a woman that he was a cook. His wish was to have a kitchen knife in his hand and take pictures with some show girls. However, when the girls of the show refused to click pictures with him, he started attacking her with a knife. Another eyewitness said he did not see the attacker but heard three or four showgirls screaming. He said blood was visible everywhere. A woman was lying on the ground covered in blood. At the same time, a woman was hit in the back. He helped women suffering during this time. The police are investigating the matter.

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First published: October 07, 2022, 06:59:38 PM

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