America. An old feud killed 4 members of a Sikh family, Sheriff Warnecke



Four members of a Sikh family were brutally murdered in America
There was an old feud between the suspect and the Sikh family
Merced County Sheriff calls incident ‘absolutely disgusting’

Washington. New information has appeared in the case of the brutal murder of four members of a Sikh family in America. The Merced County Sheriff said the suspect previously worked for the family and had a longstanding feud with them. The sheriff called it an “extremely despicable” act.

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnecke said Thursday that relatives of the slain Sikh family are deeply shocked and saddened by what happened. Investigators have prepared a case against the suspect and are looking for one of his accomplices. The accused in one case has already received punishment. A day after the kidnapping, he tried to commit suicide.

According to The Associated Press, the sheriff said: “The relatives of the victim’s family are in grief. We have to show them that we will bring them justice,” he said, adding that the suspect Jesus Manuel Salgado (48) is still hospitalized (on Thursday). Prosecutors will demand the death penalty. The sheriff described it as one of the worst crimes of his 43 years on the job.

He asked Salgado’s alleged accomplice to hand him over to the police. Sheriff Warnecke said that the Sikh family owns a trucking business in Merced. There will be a procession in his memory from Thursday to Sunday evening. The bodies of eight-month-old Aaruhi Deri, her mother Jasleen Kaur (27), father Jasdeep Singh (36) and Jasdeep’s brother Amandeep Singh (39) were recovered from a park near Indiana Road and Hutchinson Road on Wednesday evening. These people were kidnapped on Monday.

The family owned Unison Trucking Inc., according to public records, and relatives said they recently opened an office in the parking lot. The sheriff said that there had been an argument between the suspect Salgado and the family for about a year. There is no information about what Salgado did before and how long he worked there.

The abduction of 4 Indians in America caused a stir. An 8-month-old child was kidnapped with his parents

Warnecke said he believes the family was killed within an hour of being abducted Monday morning. According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect’s family told officials that Salgado confessed to kidnapping the Sikh family. According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, suspect Salgado previously pleaded guilty to one count of robbery. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison and was released in 2015.

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