A fearless…reckless… person was jumping from the 23rd floor of a building without a safety device, after watching the video, you will be blown away.


VIRAL NEWS. There is no shortage of cynical and careless people in this world. Such people, without thinking about anything, do strange things. He does not think about his own life, nor about anyone else’s. There are many such videos on social networks, which will surprise and upset you. The video we are going to talk about today is very scary. In fact, a man was jumping from the 23rd floor of the building without a safety device.

Emmy award-winning filmmaker Eric Leung published a video of a man jumping from the roof of a high-rise building in New York, USA. This video shows an anonymous person jumping onto a roof without any safety equipment. This man is seen standing on the windowsill of the 115-year-old 90 West St. in the building.

What’s in this video?
In the viral video, you can see the person making the call first. Then he starts jumping. From one window to another… then a third. Regarding the incident, Leung wrote: “I don’t know what he was doing. When we first saw him, he was already jumping. It looks like he called and looked around for about a minute, then turned back in the direction we first saw him, then climbed into the window. He was wearing cloth shoes. We all looked like this

What are people saying?
After watching this video, people are expressing their anger on social media. One wrote: “We need answers!!!!!!! What was his purpose? Another user wrote: “I’m glad he’s okay. You can’t tell me why that person did that.’

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