Frontman Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is charged with cheating on his wife by TikToker.

More than a week after it was revealed that the couple is expecting their third child together, a woman by the name of Sumner Stroh spilled the beans on TikTok about her claimed affair with the pop star.

Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, is alleged to have cheated on Behati Prinsloo.

I was having an affair with a man who is married to a Victoria’s Secret model, Stroh claimed in her TikTok video.

She said, “I was young and naive at the time. And to be perfectly honest, I feel taken advantage of. I wasn’t present like I am today in the moment. I was thus undoubtedly highly susceptible to manipulation.

At this point, Maroon 5 is essentially elevator music. So I’m sure you are familiar with Adam Levine. Adam and I were seeing each other for approximately a year, and this is how he returned to my life after I had neglected to contact him for several months.

The Instagram model displayed a purported direct message from Levine asking whether it would be alright if he named his pregnant child after her.

“Okay, serious query. If I have another child, I really want to name him Sumner if it’s a boy. You agree to that? VERY serious read the message while using an emoji of a shrug.

Stroh stated that after reading his message, she feels “like I had to be in hell at this moment. My morals were being violated without my knowledge.

Sumner Stroh, an Instagram model, claimed to have been having an affair with Adam Levine for a year.

She claimed that because of the “stereotypes” connected with influencers and the “implications that come with doing what I do, making money the way I do, and being an Instagram model,” she “never wanted to come out.”

She stated that one of the people she shared some screenshots to carelessly tried to sell them to a tabloid, which is why she decided to come out now.

On her Instagram Story, Stroh posted a message as well.

Following the TikTok, she posted a message with the warning, “Be aware that many people will try to fill in the gaps with numerous erroneous conclusions.

“Considering how this had to be done, I don’t feel like I’m helping. Although there is a lot to take in, hoping the facts coming out will be at least somewhat beneficial.

To the woman’s allegation of an affair, Levine has not answered. Following a two-year relationship, he and Behati got married on July 19, 2014.

On September 21, 2016, they brought their daughter Dusty Rose into the world, and on February 15, 2018, they received their second child, Gio Grace, who is also a daughter.

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