How to make Celebrating 30 Years of the PC

Earlier this month the original IBM PC Model 5150 celebrated its 30th anniversary. While it was not the first personal computer ever sold, it was largely responsible for shaping the industry for years to come – and still is today – by abandoning proprietary components in favor of off-the-shelf parts. IBM contracted its operating system with Microsoft and chose an open architecture so that other manufacturers could produce and sell compatible software and peripherals. The result was an ever-expanding industry and a new model for computer manufacturing.

From the first PC clones in 1982 to the Internet revolution in the 90s and the so-called post-PC devices coming to market today, many years have passed and there have been a lot of milestones along the way. We did not want to let this opportunity pass without honoring the legacy of 5150. Here are some of the most important developments in the industry over the past 30+ years.

Click on the ‘Create New App’ button in the top right. On the New App Prompt window, give your app a display name and namespace – any name, it doesn’t matter. Agree to the Platform Privacy Policy and click Continue. You’ll need a verified Facebook account, so make sure you have a credit card or phone number on file.

After clearing the captcha verification you will be taken to the settings screen of your new apps (automatically hit the edit button in the top right if facebook doesn’t put you there). Next, click the Open Graph link in the left column and define an action for your new app on the right pane. You can enter whatever you want; I wrote Clock on the first field and chose Video from the drop-down menu on the next one. Click “Get Started”.

this much only! You may see an error stating that something went wrong, but ignore it and go to your Facebook homepage, you should see an invite for the new Facebook Timeline beta (you may have to wait a few minutes). Once you’re in you can take a short tour of the new timeline view or start editing your profile until you’re ready to publish it.

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